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Life After Paranormals: Season 3, Episode 14

Nancy Weber spoke about what it was like to have a psychic connection with a serial killer as seen in "Through the Eyes of a Killer."

By Bryan Enk

Nancy Weber spoke about what it was like to have a psychic connection with a serial killer as seen in "Through the Eyes of a Killer."

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How did you discover you had psychic abilities? And what confirmed it for you?
I've been psychic my whole life, and I have had interesting events throughout my life from the time I was a baby, and I recall them. The psychic "word" I did not use until I guess I was in my early thirties. What confirmed it for me along the way was much more gradual – I never doubted that most of these things were real. I would have proof. Physical proof. I did not look at it as something that was either useful or not useful until I worked at South Bronx Lincoln Hospital. It was working there that several things happened together to really put it together for me. I was psychic. I had always been. And yet, in this place, working alongside nurses aides, orderlies, nurses and psychiatrists and psychiatric residents in training – their confirmation and their applauding what it was, that really helped confirm that I was free to use it.

At the time that this case occurred, were you making a living as a psychic consultant, or was it a side job?
No, I had been earning my way as a psychic - primarily a medical intuitive (medical intuitive/animal communicator all fall into the same category. I never put them separately). I would work in all these fields – since 1975, full time. I spent two days a week for several years in two different psychiatrist's offices working with their clients and giving sessions to them. So when the police came into my life, I did not at that time… I didn't take any income from them. I did that as what I believed was my service to my community.

When you first received the call about Amie Hoffman's case, what types of flashes or visions did you see in your mind?
Very vague, in the background. Did not want to see it. I knew, without seeing it, that she was dead. I kept seeing a vague image. It was like, if you took a camera and made it fuzzy and moving – I didn't want to stop the "film" and see it. I could sort of see that there was this naked, horribly injured, dead woman in water. That's what it was.

You drove along with the detectives to the mall where Amie was abducted and experienced very detailed visions of the event. Were you able to control the visions at all? Had you experienced visions of such intensity in the past?
By then, yes, I had had many visions that were that intense and many instances that were that intense and detailed like that. The difference, I think, in working with the police – by the time I started working on Amie's case, I had some control over when I did this. And once I made a decision that it was important to assist any way I could, then I allowed the floodgates to open. It didn't matter whether I was there or in my sleep, I would give permission to turn the switch fully on.

You experienced a vision of the killer while you were in the woods. How clear was your picture of him at this point? What was preventing you from see his face completely?
It came in little pieces. I never know why it comes that way. I don't know any way to answer this other than say, I don't play God. I don't assume why I get something or don't get it there, other than it's not my job to get it at that moment. If I were to give reason to it at all, the only thing that I could ever come up with is, there was so much, so many details, to everything that was going on, that it was all there, but it took me awhile to process it. It's kind of for me like – I can't remember a song, and I know to let the pressure go, and up it comes. The song's already inside. The memory's already there, but pressure will keep it from coming easily.

You started to experience the killers feelings, including his hateful feelings towards the Mendham Police dept. Could you describe how it felt to you to start experience how he felt?
I didn't say it then, but what I was feeling and thinking was he feels like he has probably hallucinations. I could feel that his hostility towards women was ridiculous – was intense. That sharp, intense feeling. If there was a physical manifestation that would be the knife, and he used the knife. I guess a part of me was attempting to uncover what makes this person this way in order to discover who he was. I could feel that he had a long disturbing history and was probably as a child, incredibly disturbed.

You gathered a group of your psychic students to send psychic energy towards the killer. Had you ever been able to channel this type of energy in the past? Were you sure that this was going to work?
I never know outcomes. I may think I do sometimes, but I know I never know outcomes. So I don't make that assumption.

I truly believe that group energies make a difference in the world, so I've done that historically most of my life. Whether it's with my husband in the morning, sending love and light to Syria – to the people there, to the government to bring light and love. I always do that. I don't distinguish between asking God to please bring light to the killer and stop him from harming anybody else and let see what he's done, to the ambulance driving by and sending love and to the person they're taking.

I don't decide the outcome, and I don't think that the outcome on earth is the only outcome.
Do you have any theories on why James Koedatich specifically saw you as the person who "stabbed" him?
Well, a few different theories, actually. He picked on women that I looked like. I don't know what his mother looked like, but I bet they looked like his mother, and I think probably I did in some way might resemble her in looks. I believe that he hallucinated his guilt because in describing somebody, he also described the young women he killed. 

Did you continue to consult for the police on cases after this incident?
I never stopped. Somewhere in the 1990's I slowed down then, realizing that it's nonstop if you let it. So, I picked which ones I worked with.

As it got to be known [about my work on cases], then others would just call up and that became a different world for me. I realized that I had to pick and choose. It's like, in today's world, if anyone wanted to, you could work on a kidnapping in Mexico every day, all day long and not do anything else. And unfortunately that's the state of a lot of our world.

What do you think causes someone to have psychic abilities?
My theories are simple. I think that everybody and everything are "psychic" if you want to call it that. Everything is energy connecting from the same source and has all the information all the time. We filter it in order to function on earth, and some of us don't have great filters.