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Life After Paranormals: Season 3, Episode 17

Bill Vaile was a skeptic ... until he battled "The Visitors" in his house.

By Bryan Enk

Bill Vaile was a skeptic ... until he battled "The Visitors" in his house.

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How long had you been living in your home before any incidents occurred? Had anything unexplainable happened to you before this saga began?
I moved into this home in September of 2002. I am not sure how long after I moved in that these incidents began, because I explained them away. I smelled a very strong smell of fried bacon right away. My mother spent some time with me here in April of 2003, and she noticed it as well. Was this normal or paranormal? I don't know, and I will not call something paranormal unless it is beyond any shadow of a doubt.

I was a very good practicing skeptic, so I became very good at either explaining incidents, ignoring them or filing them and forgetting them. The first experience I had that I could not explain away is when a bottle of water came flying at me from the kitchen counter top. I could no longer ignore the fact that something was going on, which caused me to start noticing many things. That event caused me to realize these things were not explainable in a logical or scientific way.    

You entered a home that you were scheduled to do a presentation at and witnessed a woman chanting over a group of people. Did they acknowledge your presence at all? Can you describe the setting of the room?
I went to do a presentation on a Saturday morning and heard yelling coming from inside the home as soon as I started up the walkway. I could hear a woman yelling, "Leave these people in the name of Jesus Christ!" and variations of words to that same effect.

I had no idea what was going on and rang the doorbell and knocked on the door a few times with no answer. The yelling was just on the other side of the door. Finally, this lady opened the door a few inches, gave me a strange almost vacant look and without a word immediately shut the door. It was almost like she was looking through me.

All I could see when she cracked the door was a couch setting immediately to the left of the door. Three young men or guys in their late teens had their knees on the floor and chests on the seat cushions while she hovered over them yelling these things. My “too weird for me” meter pegged, and I left and reported the incident to my office. I did not have a clue what she was doing, did not want to know and never went back to that appointment.

I did think about it quite a lot, as it was a disturbing scene. All I could come up with was that these three young men must have done something and were being punished. Now, I believe it to be something entirely different and possibly the root of my problems. 

On a few occasions, you heard a threatening, incomprehensible voice come through the phone line. Do you have any ideas on what it may have been trying to communicate with you?
Many have heard these voices. There are actually two different voices. One is immediately and without question recognized as evil. It speaks in a very malevolent and threatening voice and in a language I have never heard.  I have always believed it was an ancient or dead language such as Sumerian. Nonetheless a threat is universally understood no matter the language. All I can say is it is definitely communicating something because of the voice inflections, tonality and syntax. It has definite sentence structure and flow and is very easy to hear. No different than speaking with anyone else on the phone.

The other voice is less evil sounding, but still threatening. Totally different voices even in their tonality and flow. The more evil one we tried to record. The recorder actually showed that voice data had been recorded but nothing would ever play back. The other less threatening voice I did manage to record. The common link to them is once they take over the conversation, both original parties can hear it but not each other.

The more evil one is so bad that the very first time I heard it, I knew immediately it was evil. Within two seconds or even less, I screamed into the phone to tell the person I was speaking with to get off the line. Little did I know they could not hear me. 

What stopped you from immediately leaving the house when items began floating?
It was more like items crashing or being lifted and dropped or even thrown at me. Much as if you or I would pick something up several inches and just drop whatever it was.

Everyone who ever came here and witnessed these events has asked me how I’ve stayed here. The straight truth of it is that I could not put this on another family. As much as I’ve doubted my own safety and good outcome from this, I could not live with myself if I heard a young couple with children bought this home and was moving in. I could not do it. If I later found out something happened to them, I could never forgive myself. I am not being particularly brave, just exhibiting my conscience. Whatever may happen to me would not be as bad to me as knowing I did that to someone.  

Your brother and Cindy were able to confirm that there was definitely something inhabiting your home. How long were you living with the beings before they were able to validate your claims?
I did not tell my family about this for a long time. Finally, it became so bad that I had to. They came over one evening, and it was not long before they experienced things. A box in my closet hit my brother and a light string hit him in the head.

My claims were easy to validate. All one had to do was visit me and spend a few minutes here. No one could be in my bedroom for more than a few minutes before things would start happening. I had friends who were absolute skeptics visit my house who were changed in less than fifteen minutes. Wide eyed, they admitted something was going on here.

How often did you notice paranormal activity within the home?
At the height of the activity, it was nearly constant. I dreaded the night. It became so bad that I began staying up all night and slept as well as I could during the day. Before that, I would turn on the TV in my bedroom to drown out the noise caused from the banging in the house and only fell asleep from exhaustion. Every time I would close my eyes I would open them again to look around the room to see if I was still alone. I would see things peering around corners at me then disappearing as soon as I noticed them - shadow figures darting out of the corner of my eye and even a cat apparition that could be seen scampering across the floor. Later, I found this cat was likely what is called a “familiar demon.”

The atmosphere in the house was heavy, very dark and evil feeling. Anyone who has experienced anything like this will know what I am talking about. If you have never felt it, trust me you do not want to. You especially do not want to live in those conditions.

During the paranormal investigation, the team recorded a voice saying, “Put it back, he’s coming.” What did the voice sound like to you? Did it sound at all like the voice you heard on the phone?
I believe it says, "They're coming, put it back on." Then, you hear one of the investigators say, "Oh, ... Oh, ... something just fell in the bedroom." The voice on this recording sounded nothing like the voices on the phone. Not threatening sounding at all and very soft - almost monotone, even possibly feminine.

Very early on, a different team obtained some recordings from what might have been the voice on the phone, but in English. It had the same evil, growling voice and malevolent tone to it. This voice had used some very foul language, and the last recording we obtained when winding down the investigation was "Winner, Ha-Ha!" For some reason, all the other voices recorded sounded human, but all the entities we observed were non-human except the main shadow man.

While you were sleeping, a loud, violent crash woke you up and proceeded to cause crashing sounds throughout the house. You decided to try and confront whatever was causing the loud crashes. Did that elicit any sort of response from the spirits?
I had just returned home from a meeting and decided to lie down to take a quick nap. I noticed little indentations forming all over my mattress like something was pushing down on it. That disturbed me, so I could not rest.

Then, I heard a loud crash in the dining room. I have a Prince Charles and Princess Diana wedding tea service on an antique dining room table. I thought it had somehow been thrown to the floor. I went running in there but did not see anything broken.

Then, I heard a crash in another part of the house. After chasing down crashing sounds throughout the house, I heard one in my bedroom. I ran in there, only then to have my car alarm start going off. At this point, I just had enough. I challenged this thing to manifest itself, so we could have a final fight. A fight to the end. One of us was going to Hell today, and by God and in Christ's name it was not going to be me!

I followed the crashing sounds around the house and kept repeating, “I am not afraid of you anymore. It ends today. You or I are going to Hell today, so manifest yourself and let's have a fair fight!” I equated it to a child having a tantrum. After what seemed like thirty minutes or so it just got quiet. Peaceful. Something changed and the atmosphere lightened or lifted.

This event was, is and probably will be a very emotional subject to me for the rest of my life. I truly did not know what the outcome was going to be. I just knew it had to end, and in a way it did. I had peace, and even though things still happen here, it does not feel like the evil that was here before. When going to sleep, I still open my eyes every few seconds to make sure I am still alone, but now more out of post-traumatic stress. When I visit out of town relatives, I do not do that and I do not hear noises in their house.

You were visited by a large, dark figure. Are you able to describe what it looked like to you?
I can describe it in perfect detail. It was just under six feet tall. Medium build and definitely the body of a man. It was wearing a fedora hat and either a duster or a trench coat. It was totally devoid of any light reflection - totally black.

I went to bed one night and almost immediately the covers were pulled from me. I set up to pull them back up, and it was standing at the foot of my bed. It started moving toward me as I sat up in the bed. I watched it for a few seconds as it passed the length of my bed.  It came within two feet of me before disappearing at the head of my bed. I have obviously experienced many terror filled times, but as far as pure terror, this might have been the worst. I truly did not know the intent of this thing approaching me and I was trapped with nowhere to go.

Oddly enough, it never seemed to acknowledge my presence, and it never had any human-like movement. It looked liked it was floating and being pulled by something. I lay in bed for the rest of the night praying it would never return. It felt like pure evil, and I never wanted to experience that again. I do not mind admitting that scared me right down to my soul. Later, we actually caught a video of a black mass in that same location.
Have you been able to cleanse your home of whatever may be inhabiting it?
We’ve tried every conceivable type of cleansing there is. Nothing worked in my case. If anything, it became worse, and I paid the price for the attempts. Finally, Brian, the lead investigator, said I needed a priest. I found a couple who did Christian cleansings, or as they called them, “castings.” They prayed and fasted for several days before coming. They performed a cleansing prayer in each room and that seemed to help at first, but eventually it got worse again. That is what led into that final battle I described earlier.

I do want to use this opportunity to thank all those who came here at risk to themselves. Many suffered for it. I cannot say for sure that their suffering was because they tried to help me - as I will not claim what I cannot prove - but many of them did suffer after being here. Loss of incomes, cars broken down and unable to repair, personal hardships, illnesses and more. They will never know how much I appreciate their help.

Do instances of whatever is haunting you follow you if you leave your home, or are they primarily located around your house?
Honestly, there have been instances where strange things happened outside this house, but I cannot call strange things “paranormal things."  A skeptic lives in me to a degree, even still. I’ve never felt anything evil when I’ve left the house. Like I said earlier, if I visited family out of town, then I rested well. It was only in this house that I was under almost constant attack.

There is so much to this story that has not and will not be told. Many more things happened. Evil things that even caused my hospitalization. The reason that I came out of my shell to tell this story is to warn people that evil does exist. It is a real and present danger, so please do not ignore the signs if they are presented to you. Get help if you see them. Do not ignore them or explain them away because if they are real, they will not just go away. They will just become worse and then much harder to deal with.