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Life After Paranormals: Season 3, Episode 3

Vaunette speaks about her paranormal experiences on her family farm as seen in "The Curse of Lonergan Farm."

By Bryan Enk

Vaunette speaks about her paranormal experiences on her family farm as seen in "The Curse of Lonergan Farm."

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Did you believe in the paranormal before these incidents?
Yes. I believe in angels, and that is paranormal. I believe that my aunt and other relatives have always been near me in times of great need.

Had you visited Uncle Will’s cabin before the night featured in the episode? 
Actually, I had never heard of Uncle Will until after. I had never heard stories before it, but it was always questionable anyway driving past it all the time growing up. 

What was the feeling that it gave off? 
It just gave off an eerie feeling. Nothing frightful, you just saw it in the woods as you drove past. I always wondered about it, but I never thought much about it. It was just an old run down farmhouse that sat off the road.

Did you have the bite mark investigated after the night at Uncle Will’s cabin? Do you have any idea what might have caused it? 
Well, what caused it was obviously something fang-like…it was a canine, like a dog bite. No, I never thought to go have it checked out because I figured someone would look at me and say I was nuts. That’s the honest truth. It was gone after a couple of days. It didn’t need medical treatment of any sort. There were pictures taken of it, but I don’t know where they were or where they are now. It was very visible- it bruised my arm.

Did you ever experience any nightmares like Dan and Tim?  
There were some nightmares that I had on and off, but I would wake up in a cold sweat and I usually could not remember what the nightmare was about, just the eerie sense that it had something to do with Uncle Will.

Did you have any other odd experiences around the property? 
Odd experiences covered a lot. I felt like I was being watched on occasion but when you turned around I never saw anything. There were times where I would get a cold chill down my back for no reason because the wind wasn’t blowing. I could hear bells or chimes a lot of the time, which nobody else seemed to have heard or acknowledge. 

Were you in the house when Melissa, the baby, was taken?
Yes [I was in the house]. My first thought was she really wasn’t gone. It didn’t register that she was actually gone. And then when it did and we started looking for her, I felt anxious and more in a sense of panic and concern, and I was pretty well frightened out of my wits to be honest with you.

Did your thoughts immediately jump to Uncle Will when you heard the news or did something specific trigger that thought?
I started thinking it was probably Uncle Will about the time that the boys [Melissa’s older brothers] were saying it was the mean man from the woods.

Why do you think Uncle Will may have taken the baby?
I can only speculate… to get attention. I think that’s what the whole thing was about. He wanted attention.

After Uncle Will’s house burned down, did reports of paranormal activity stop? 
As far as I know, yes. Yes, I think a lot of it did after that. It just seemed to gradually just stop and there wasn’t anything more to it.  

Have you ever had any other brushes with the paranormal outside of any of these incidents?
Well, yes I actually have. Actually most recently. I’m just going to say it because I know that everyone else is thinking this, and if they’re not, then they’re not being honest with themselves. This whole story was all Dan’s idea, and Dan is dead now.

After Dan died, I really believe that for a brief couple of moments before I actually woke up, he was standing over me, telling me to take care of the kids. Right before the service happened, our grandson- his other set of grandparents stepped up and took him for a couple of days so I could help the kids make arrangements for everything. And she [the other grandmother] had told me that she heard Dan hollering at her right in the morning saying “Amy! Amy!” and when she woke up, she had heard “Isn’t he just beautiful…” meaning our grandson. Like he was saying that it’s okay to let me go, and it was all about our grandson that we all shared.

How would you say this whole experience has shaped your life?
It’s made me watch my children closely to keep them out of harms way. It made me reflect and think about those who have passed, and why am I still here? What purpose do I have? It makes me think harder about where I need to be and what I need to do in this short time because in one single instance everything can be gone, and your life can completely turn upside down in one split second. And that’s given me a lot to reflect upon, especially recently.