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Life After Paranormals: Season 3, Episode 6

Find out how watching her stepfather battle literal demons has changed Priscilla Thompson's life forever as she follows up on the events of "The Hospital Hauntings."

By Bryan Enk

Find out how watching her stepfather battle literal demons has changed Priscilla Thompson's life forever as she follows up on the events of "The Hospital Hauntings."

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Did you believe in the paranormal before this incident?
My mother had said that the house that they lived in was haunted, but I didn't believe her because I didn't believe in the paranormal until this incident.

Do you know why she thought the house was haunted?
She claimed for years that something was attacking her – pushing her down the stairs. It was a two-story house. Pushing her down the stairs, locking her in the closet underneath the staircase. She had the house actually anointed twice trying to get rid of it, and anyone she told thought that she was crazy. I had never experienced it, so I was like, "Okay, Ma, whatever."

After you had this paranormal experience, did you ever talk to your mom about what she had previously experienced and shared these two things you guys had in common? 
No, my mother had passed away almost two years to the date before this happened with us, so I never was able to go back and say, "Mom, I'm sorry. You weren't crazy because it happened and it was real."

Your stepfather experienced something both in the hospital and while he was home, is that correct?

When your stepfather appeared to be fighting with something in his hospital bed, what were your thoughts at the time?
There's a whole big story beyond just this - with the hospital bed, but then once he became very ill from the stroke, it zeroed in right there on him. Every night at the house, it came alive. And it came alive in that room, and it was on him. I mean, at the stroke of midnight every night it was just constant, and he struggled and fought with it, and it was just unreal. I didn't know what to think. At first, I thought I'm just exhausted after five months of not sleeping. Maybe it's the drugs that they had him on. When the hospice nurse came in (and I told her nothing about what I had been experiencing with him) and she experienced it that night. The next morning when I got up and I went downstairs and I was like, "Hey, would you like a cup of coffee?" she said, "We need to talk." And then I had an outsider finally go, "Wow, something is tormenting him." So I knew it wasn't me being crazy in the head from exhaustion anymore. I had somebody to validate what we were going through.

Is what he experienced in the hospital different than what he experienced in the home?
No, I don't think so. When I'd come back the next day, they'd have him strapped down and doped up, and they said it was because in the middle of the night, he was yanking his tubes out. He was fighting 'em and swinging at 'em, and it was like "Wow!" You know? So, it had to have been the same. I didn't get to see a lot of it at night time in the hospital because of the ICU hours, but I just know that everyday I came in, he was strapped down for a reason. And it was because of the fight he was having with whatever was after him and tormenting him.

Was your stepfather ever able to give you a first hand account of what he was fighting off?
No, no. I would ask him, you know – "What was that all about last night?" And he would just look at me and go, "Huh?" So, he never was aware of it. It did not go at him during the daytime. I don't know why it only happened at night.  I'll never be able to understand why. I dreaded midnight everyday. I dreaded midnight coming because I knew what was just going to start happening.

Others featured in the episode reported seeing a mysterious black mist around the hospital. Did you ever see this entity or any other unexplainable phenomena?
The one time that I've seen it, I was laying there – we had a bed in the room with him.  It was actually kind of peaceful that evening, and he was on a life support machine, and I don't know if you've ever been around one but they breathe for you.  I could tell when it started because he would override the machine. He was in such distress that the machine went from a calm little breathing to a "Pa-POW! Pa-POW!" I ignored it that night - I was exhausted. I ignored it that night, and I was laying there and when you've got your eyes closed it's dark, but something even darker came across my eyes at him. It went straight to his bed because I had to sleep that close to him. And I got up out of bed and took off out of the room. It could have been strangling him over there. I don't know, I didn't look back. I couldn't go back in the room for a few minutes until I gathered myself.

Have you spoken with any other patients or hospital staff about any paranormal in the hospital?
No, no. Vickie was the only one that I spoke to with, you know, about it, and that was after she experienced it. Because before, when she came in that night, I didn't want to scare her off. So I didn't speak to anyone about it. I didn't know how people would accept what I had experienced, so I kept quiet.

How has this experience affected your ideas about life and the afterlife?
Well, it made me a believer for one thing. Everything I see out of the corner of my eye, I don't go, "Okay, whatever." I kind of stop and think about it. [My stepfather] was not a good man in life. He deserved the punishment he went through before death, and so it made me aware of the fact that there's going to come a day that I'm going to have to serve my own, and I hope that I have been a good enough person and took care of enough people and been kind enough in life that I won't go through the misery that I watched him go through.

Have you ever experienced any other paranormal incidents?
Only in that house. Since then I have moved several times, and I have not experienced anything since then. My grandmother just passed almost a couple years ago, and right after she passed I heard her calling my name as she did right before she passed. But I believe that was my grandmother making sure I was okay with her passing because she was a good person. Other than that, as far as living anywhere that had experiences like that, no it was always in that house.

When you were living in the house, how did you deal with the paranormal?
Well, I didn't deal with it too well, because some nights when I went to bed, my bedroom door was shut, and it stayed shut 'til morning time. If you needed to go to the bathroom, you waited 'til, you know, the next morning. It was uncomfortable walking past that staircase. Noises – it sounded like someone was up and down the staircase all night long. So, it was hard to deal with, but yeah, after a certain amount of time you just get used to it.  And, I guess, to kind of suit myself, I always just assumed it was my mother lingering around because she loved that house so much. She had it built to her specs. That was her pride and joy, so I just blurted off "Well, oh there's mother coming up and down the stairs." You know, to stop myself from being so scared of it, because I was very scared of it. It was something I couldn't see but I could hear, and I don't like that. I have to be able to visualize in order to process it through my brain and when I can't see something but I hear it, it scared me.

When you were living in the house did you see anything physical?
No, no. Now at that time, our granddaughter, I guess she was around two years old. She would go to the staircase to go get whatever it was she wanted and she would stop and point and say, "No, dead man." Well, my mother had short hair, so I just said, you know, okay she must be seeing my mother.

There were several of us in the house and it was something we all dealt with but we didn't speak of it, because you didn't know what to think. None of us had dealt with this before; we had only heard the things my mother had said.