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Life After Paranormals: Season 3, Episode 8

The Boogie Man is real. Belinda Clark shares how coming face to face with a paranormal monster in "The Bad Man" has changed her and her family's lives forever.

By Bryan Enk

The Boogie Man is real. Belinda Clark shares how coming face to face with a paranormal monster in "The Bad Man" has changed her and her family's lives forever.

How long after moving into the new home did you start experiencing paranormal activity?
The feeling of being watched started right away.

Other than the feeling of being watched, did you experience anything more significant?
Not for about a month or so after we were there.

What were the first few signs?
My daughter was playing with someone who wasn't there. She kept talking about a little girl, especially on the porch swing. My middle child, he was Sean – he was afraid to go to bed at night, which he had never been before. He was afraid of the monster that was looking in his window.

Did Sean have obvious changes in behavior after seeing what he called the "monster"?
Only at bedtime. During the day he seemed pretty normal.

Was there anything specific he was afraid of, in terms of the monster?
He just said "the red-eyed monster."

When you dreamt that the little boy was trying to warn you about something, could you make out what he was trying to warn you of?
No, he just said to me that, "I just wanted to let you know I was here."

What prompted you to learn the connection between your house and the graveyard you found?
After Sean had gotten his arm broken, we were in the hospital. While we were in the hospital, my mother's boyfriend's daughter looked into that and told me what she had found. I, at that point, had enough because someone had gotten hurt. My child had gotten hurt. That it was time to leave. So, I didn't really care about the history of the house, I just wanted out of the house.
Was there any sign of who or what might have taken Coco? Was Coco ever found?
No, nothing.

Did you or your son ever report seeing any of the ghost children in the home?
I never personally witnessed any ghosts or apparitions or anything. I would just feel things. My mother did see someone. We had a girl's night and she thought that one of the girls had gone in and gone to the bathroom, and she was standing outside, waiting for whoever went in there to get done.  But, when I saw her, she said that she was waiting for Christina to get out of the bathroom but everyone who was there except for my mother was in the kitchen. So what she saw go into the bathroom was not anybody that was at the house.

My boys never actually said anything other than the monster. My niece stayed up all night when they came to visit. My sister-in-law said it seemed as if she was playing with someone else.

How long were you in the house before the Bad Man attacked Sean? Why do you think it took him so long to attack?
I feel like the kids (apparently there were a couple of children – the little girl that my daughter saw and the little boy that I saw in my dream apparently), I feel like they were trying to protect the children from him.

We moved in, in the summer, and then it was the following September/October when Sean's arm got broken. So it was about a year.

It was mentioned in the episode that the little girl warned your daughter of the Bad Man. Was there anything else that the ghost children seemed to be doing to protect your children, other than a feeling?
When we were inside of the house, I never felt like there was something bad inside the house. It felt more child-like.

As far as the Bad Man was concerned, I never knew that Blaire, my daughter, had ever seen anything about a Bad Man or was ever warned about him until we started doing the show.  When she was younger, the only thing she ever talked about was the little girl. When she did see the Bad Man, where she told me she saw him – the window she saw him looking out of was my bedroom.

Your husband was away a lot during the week. Did he ever experience anything unexplainable while he was home?
I don't remember what the exact incident was that brought it up – I don't know, but I felt like there was something weird about the house. That it felt weird to me and weird things seemed to be happening. He said that he had some feelings too about you know, there were some weird things going on in the house, but he didn't want to say anything to me because he didn't want me to think he was crazy, and I didn't say anything to him because I didn't want him to think I was crazy. I don't remember specifically what those things were, but I do remember us kind of having some weird feelings. You know, I had them right away. The feeling of being watched was mainly the thing. As time went on as we were there, I would feel like someone was stroking my hair; almost like someone was rubbing on my back or sitting next to me when the kids were in bed. But it never felt dangerous. It just felt weird.

Have any of the previous owners of the home experienced similar incidents?
I don't know anyone who lived in the house before us. I do know when Amy [Lee-Jones, Paranormal Witness Interview Director] and Russell [England, Paranormal Witness Director] went to West Virginia and actually saw the house they did speak with the current owners. The wife had mention of a few things that were happening, and a couple of instances where she had been injured.

Have you had any investigations done on the home by professionals?
No. I just was pretty much in denial for the most part. I almost treated it like a joke because I didn't want anyone to think I was crazy. It wasn't until things started happening that were dangerous and the more that something happened to make us believe that this is actually going on, it seemed like stronger that the negative force became. My sister had been choked in her sleep; then when my son's arm had gotten broken; a vehicle that had been sitting stationary on a flat level surface for a few months all of a sudden drifted backwards and hit my brother. I feel like the more we talked about it, the more we believed it was going on, and the worse things got. So it just got to a point to where my child is injured, I have to get out of there.

Have you ever experienced any other paranormal phenomena other than what you experienced in the house? If you were to experience paranormal, how do you think you would react at this point?
No, [I have not experienced anything]. I think I would probably want to keep myself in denial, because if I were to believe it, if there was anything negative about it… the stronger it was able to affect us.

What type of advice would you give someone who was in a similar position to what you were going through?
Never dismiss your intuition. If you feel something is different or off, then it probably is.

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