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Life After Paranormals: Season 4, Episode 3

Bob Cranmer remembers his haunted house and the terrifying events of "The Molech."

By Bryan Enk

Bob Cranmer remembers his haunted house and the terrifying events of "The Molech."

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Are you still living in the house?
Yes, 27 years this December.

You mention having always liked the house before buying it. Do you remember the first time you saw it?
No I don't, but it had to be when I was in grade school walking to my friend's house on that side of town. I'd estimate I was about eight years old when I first really noticed it in 1964.

As all these things were happening, did you ever reach a point where you thought you should just leave? What stopped you?
After we were one year into the battle we were just about spent and our marriage was on the rocks. We discussed breaking up, but that's when the demon doubled down as well, trying to pressure us out. With that, we understood what was happening and found new strength and determination to continue the fight. This proved to be a turning point. First of all, I wasn't open to being chased out of my house by anyone or anything. Additionally, my wife and I both had a strong faith in God that would help us persevere. And finally, we owned not only the house but the problem; we couldn't pass it on to another family like it was given to us. We had to deal with it, and with God, I felt that we were prepared to do so.

Have you had any experiences or encounters with ghosts or the spiritual realm since the activities in the house?
We've had periodic events in the house during the years since the battle ceased, but the exorcist told us that this would occur for a time and then eventually stop. There hasn't been anything of note for well over a year now, so they are becoming fewer and father apart and hopefully it has ended altogether. I have a blessing ritual I go through whenever it happens that takes several hours to complete. That puts a lid on it. However, we've had other tragedies in our family that I'm sure are related to what we went through and our encounter with evil forces.

Since this happened, have you ever been skeptical of what you experienced?
Skeptical? This whole experience was like a train wreck for our family. It wasn't a single event or a few events; it was a long protracted battle that left wounds and scars on us both mentally and physically. I've never encountered any skeptics directly, but for those who have made skeptical comments on the internet I simply say "Read the book" and then let's see what you have to say. I'd be happy to defend, debate, or discuss this story with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Was there any point where you thought you had a logical and not supernatural explanation?
You have to understand that this took place over several years. The supernatural events became "routine" to us. There was no question whatsoever that we were dealing with a supernatural being.

Can you talk a little about your feelings when you found out the backstory of the house from the historian?
It all made sense to me and gave me a better understanding about why I was the one "chosen," in a way to be placed in the situation to confront and uncover it all.

Is there anything about the house you've learned since the experience happened that you're still curious about?
Yes, I'm still very curious about the original owners of the house and what they experienced.

Do you feel like this experience changed your own personal sense of faith and belief in any way?
Absolutely, my "faith" is no longer faith, but reality. I have experienced the supernatural. It's like I've seen Jesus walk on water, feed the five thousand, or raise someone from the dead.

How often do you and your family talk about the experience now? 
Not often, if ever. My wife and I discuss some of the events as I am asked to give talks on a regular basis and she generally attends.

What advice would you give to people who might be concerned they are living in a haunted house?
Haunted houses are not rare, and ghosts aren't generally dangerous. Demonic Infestation is in fact rare and it is extremely dangerous. If the spirits prove themselves to be malevolent, seek help from the Catholic Church.