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Life After Paranormals: Season 4, Episode 6

Jason Snyder reflects on the terrifying events of "The Dark Pond."

By Bryan Enk

Jason Snyder reflects on the terrifying events of "The Dark Pond."

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How did you come to own the house in the first place?
During the start of the housing bubble crash, I thought it would be a good opportunity to stop renting and invest in a "starter house." It was located on a secluded lot, which was what I was looking for at the time. I was newer to the area when I purchased the house, and I didn't know anything of the area or the history of the property. There was no warning or indication there was a presence or that anything was wrong at all. To date I still own the property.

What do you know about the state of the pond now?
I have not checked on it in a number of months.

What does Lily remember about these events now?
Memories seem to be sparse.  Occasionally, Lily will mention her "friends" from the old house and her "other mommy."

Can you describe the feeling when you learned about the events of the past that had taken place there?
It was more a surprise than anything. The house was built in 2001, so you usually don't think about the history of the property like the pond or the surrounding land. Usually, when considering a haunting, we all just consider the history of the structures on the property. That turns out to be a mistake.

When the priest and the woman came to bless the house, what was your thought? 
I really had my doubts during the process. We had nothing but negative, violent activity with our encounters. During their blessing of the property, the feelings they were relaying to us were of joy and happiness, which were not our experiences at all.

Has anyone ever expressed skepticism in the story? What do you tell them? 
Surprisingly, the people I shared the story with were not skeptical. One of the first people I told was a co-worker/friend, and his response was he had definitely noticed a change in my demeanor over the past few months and that an external stress like this made sense to him. 

How did you feel when you left the house? 
Relief! The first evening we were completely moved out and into the new house, everyone had the best night's sleep they'd had in months. The anger and agitation had dissipated much more quickly than any of us imagined.

Has this experience changed how you feel about the supernatural?
Yes, I always wanted to believe in supernatural. Being a scientist, though, I need evidence. It really surprised me how the ordeal we encountered was similar to other stories you watch on TV and dismiss at the time.

Did you ever experience any kind of paranormal activity after all of this happened? 
Not since we left the house, no.

What kind of advice would you give someone who finds themselves realizing their house is haunted? 
If it seems peaceful or prankish I wouldn't be too concerned about it. Because why bother? My advice would definitely be to listen to your children (if you have any) and if they say "someone" is trying to get them to do something that will get them hurt, leave as soon as possible. Ask friends/family if they notice any changes in your attitude. If you have an extreme shift (anger when you're normally happy type of thing), that's a great cue to leave as well.