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Beware the Boo Hag!

That's one nasty voodoo demon right there! Get some Fun Facts about Paranormal Witness Season 5, Episode 1: "Voodoo Curse."

By Bryan Enk

So, how about that voodoo demon that sits on your chest while you sleep, drains you of your life force and then scurries up to the attic to prepare for its next round of terrible mischief? It's the Boo Hag, the creature that terrorized Jenny Scott and her family in the Season 5 premiere of Paranormal Witness. Here are a few Fun (-ish) Facts about this nasty.

  • The Boo Hag, a legend within African Witchcraft, is similar to a vampire.
  • Like vampires, Boo Hags are most commonly found above displaced burial grounds, where spirits roam free.
  • When the Boo Hag sits on your chest it is known as 'ridin',' hence the phrase, "Don't let the Boo Hag ride ya!"
  • Boo Hags are so grotesque that they spend their time looking for skin in which to disguise themselves. Once disguised, the Boo Hag can seek out further victims for 'ridin'.'
  • It is this 'ridin'' that sucks the energy and life out of the victim, who will awake feeling groggy and haggard.
  • There are only a few ways to repel a Boo Hag. One is with the color indigo blue (referred to as 'haint blue' in the episode). Painting this color above windows will stop the Boo Hag from entering your bedroom.

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Here's the Boo Hag at work. Don't go in the attic. And don't go to sleep! And just ... don't.

Beware the Boo Hag