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Episode Recap: The Night Ward

A group of paranormal investigators become trapped in an abandoned haunted hospital.


So, the Old South Pittsburg Municipal Hospital in South Pittsburg, Tennessee … is it haunted?

Don certainly thinks so, as he experienced several frightening occurrences during his time working the graveyard shift in the clinical lab. Test tubes filled with blood samples fell to the floor and shattered, the elevator seemed to have a life of its own, new employees disappeared and reappeared out of thin air and mysterious shadows appeared along the walls.

This wasn't the doing of Kevin, the prankster who works in X-Rays. Don had no explanation for these strange events, and after he started hearing the wailing of infants coming from his own office, he took the next available job opportunity and got the heck out of there.

Soon thereafter, the hospital was shut down. Stacy's father purchased the property and planned to turn it into a storage facility, with Stacy herself serving as general caretaker and manager. Not surprisingly, the hospital was even more scary when it was empty, with Stacy's attempts to clean up the place constantly interrupted by the sound of ringing phones (though there were no phones in the building), swaying curtain hooks and mysterious puddles of water from which emerged toddler-sized footprints.

Stacy called in the services of Shannon and her team of paranormal investigators: technician Shane, medium Robin, videographer Cody and assistant Jennifer. Some initial research revealed that the hospital had quite the sordid history, filled with a high mortality rate and reports of the mistreatment of infants. Time to find out exactly what's lurking in these halls of dubious healing …  

The terrors began almost immediately after the team set up base camp in the nurses station. Shane's K2 meter, which detects changes in the ElectroMagnetic Field, went through the roof, Robin became overwhelmed by a malignant presence and Shannon had trouble breathing more than once.

There was also a door in the basement that repeatedly opened and closed on its own, the infamous elevator opening to reveal what looked like the ghost of a little girl and the dark figure that appeared at the end of the hall.

The most terrifying and dangerous incident had Robin suddenly collapsing in pain, describing a feeling like two hands going into her back and squeezing. Robin was dragged into the closet by an unseen force, after which the team got her in one of the abandoned wheelchairs and fled the hospital. Robin was bleeding, and a trip to the emergency room revealed that she had suffered severe internal trauma from which she later miraculously recovered.

Beware the Old South Pittsburg Municipal Hospital!

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