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Georgia Ghostbuster Teams With Paranormal Witness

Ryan Dunn of the Savannah Ghost Research Society brought the story of "They Are Mine" to Paranormal Witness.

By Bryan Enk

Behind the scenes of Paranormal Witness is where some of the most important work takes place, and renowned paranormal investigator Ryan Dunn (far left in photo above) deserves a special shout-out for one of this season's most unsettling episodes.

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When Ryan was contacted by the producers of Paranormal Witness, he didn't hesitate in suggesting one of the most intriguing and chilling cases he had ever investigated. Season 5, Episode 2's "They Are Mine" tells the story of three college students being terrorized by an evil force in their house in Savannah, Georgia.

When Ryan, founder of the Savannah Ghost Research Society (click here for their Facebook page), got a distressed call from Scott Haglund, father of one of the girls in the house, he knew he had to act. Scott was 800 miles away in New York and he needed someone local to help his daughter and her friends. After talking to Scott, Ryan knew it was serious; his many years of experience told him that whatever was in that house was something powerful ... and dangerous.

Ryan and his wife, Kim, went to the house as quickly as they could to investigate. On arrival, the investigators were immediately struck by an oppressive and overwhelming feeling: the unmistakable presence of evil. The team set up full spectrum video recorders, audio recorders and took temperature and EMF (Electric & Magnetic Fields) readings using a K2 Electromagnetic Field detector.

Although on the night of this investigation the house was unusually quiet, Ryan and Kim were still able to gather some interesting evidence. In certain rooms they registered high EMF spikes and significant drops in temperature, all indicators of a strong spirit. They also captured a very sinister EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) using a RTEVP 2 (Real Time EVP recorder). One of the girls asked, "Were you the one that was in my room?," and when the audio was played back, a chilling voice replied, "While you were sleeping."

Beyond this, it was Ryan's investigation that helped the girls find the closure they so desperately needed. Ryan spent weeks researching the case and he was tireless in his pursuit, chasing down leads and exploring all angles. He sifted through records at the local historical society and could find no official records of any deaths at the property. The local cemetery appeared to offer no connection; he even searched for evidence that previous tenants may have dabbled in the occult, but he could find nothing.

Ryan explained, "The strange thing about this particular case was the fact that we could find no prior history tied to the property that could explain the experiences that the girls were having. The home was built in 2002 and had changed hands a few times over the years through various property rental agencies, yet there were no documented deaths or anything else that we usually find attached to haunted locations. In addition, there wasn't much in the way of anything tied to the land that the house sat on, either."

The girls' neighbor had once told them that a homeless drug addict, who had been squatting in the house, died of an overdose. The gruesome figure that confronted one of the girls during their ordeal appeared to match this description. With all other possible avenues exhausted by Ryan, it left this as the most likely explanation. When someone dies in such an awful way, their tormented spirit can remain.

Ryan has continued to stay in contact with the victims and also assisted them in finding a priest to cleanse the property of the evil that remained. However, it would seem this was unsuccessful, as the next people to move in reportedly moved out a couple of months later.

Ryan Dunn continues to investigate paranormal phenomena in Savannah.