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Hail Zozo! Five Other Scary Demons

Evil loves to party. Take a peek inside the Dictionnaire Infernal.

By Bryan Enk

In this week's episode of Paranormal Witness, we saw a family terrorized by Zozo, the bull-like demon known for its affiliation with Ouija boards.

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Unfortunately, Zozo's got some friends ...

The Dictionnaire Infernal, written by Jacques Auguste Simon Collin de Plancy and first published in 1818, is one of the most famous accounts of demonology and superstition ever written. Acting as something of the demon guidebook, it contains 69 illustrations of the creatures in their most hellish form. Here are a few of Zozo's most notorious colleagues.

  1. Andras


    With the body of an angel and the head of an owl, Andras is known as the demon killer of men. It was believed that his skills involve infecting people with an uncontrollable rage, escalating arguments and advising on how to kill.
  2. Beelzebub


    Beelzebub is one of the Seven Princes of Hell, often taking the form of a demonic fly. He is one of the most prominent fallen angels and believed to be responsible for many cases of demonic possession, the most famous of which is Anneliese Michel, whose story inspired The Exorcism of Emily Rose (2005).
  3. Behemoth


    This humanoid elephant demon is one of Satan's top soldiers. He is the watchman of gluttonous banquets and cupbearer of Hell.
  4. Eurynome


    Euroynome, also known as the Prince of Death, seeks to plunge people into a state of insanity, driving them to murder. He then feeds on the resulting dead bodies.
  5. Nybbas


    Nybbas has a round face with a carefully groomed beard and an eternal smile, his head adorned with horns and his feet cloven hooves. As the manager of visions, he uses his power to infiltrate dreams, where he corrupts humanity by championing cruelty and selfishness.