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Life After Paranormals: Season 5, Episode 11

You can check in, but can you check out? We spoke with Chelsea Lesmeister about her stay at "The Hotel."


You can check in, but can you check out?

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We spoke with Chelsea Lesmeister about her terrifying stay at "The Hotel."

Before all this happened, had you ever had a supernatural or paranormal experience?
I did have an experience a year or two before my experience at the hotel, which is what made me think there might actually be something to this. I always found the idea of 'ghosts' (or whatever you want to call it) entertaining but never really believed in it.

Did you ever search for non-paranormal explanations to what happened?
Absolutely! I tried to think maybe it was just my mind playing games with me or someone had 'rigged' something up, However, it was all too real for it to just be in my mind.

When you originally arrived at the hotel, what was your impression?
I thought it was GORGEOUS, but I kind of had an eerie feeling. It was one of those experiences of walking into a really old building, it's almost like you can feel the history in it.

Did you ever consider NOT going through with the wedding at this location?
It crossed my mind, but we were so excited and knew it was going to be a wedding people talked about for years to come!

When you found yourself being chased, and bumped into your friend - can you describe what you saw?
I, personally, didn't see what it was, my friend did. But I could feel it. Before I even started to turn around on the stairs it felt like someone jumped down the stairs towards me and that's when I took off running and never looked back. It was almost like when you would play tag with you friends and you're running as fast as you can and they are right behind you and you're just waiting for them to grab you.

When you finally left the hotel, what did you feel?
I felt relieved when we left, like I had just crawled out of a black hole or something.

Has anyone ever expressed skepticism in the story? What do you tell them?
I have told some people the story and I can see the skepticism on their face but once they see my emotions and reactions to what happened to me it's like they realize it's all real.

Did you ever experience any kind of paranormal activity after all of this happened?
Unfortunately, I did. Something followed me home and was ruining my life. I would see black shadows out of the corner of my eye, and the dogs would be staring into our bathroom for minutes and just start barking. I became extremely depressed and would spend days in bed, just crying. I would get extremely angry at nothing. I would be putting my makeup on to get ready for work and all of a sudden start punching the wall and throwing my phone because I was just angry. Some of the things that that came out of my mouth were not things I had ever said before.

My husband told me recently there was one time during that period where I was saying horrible things about someone and when I looked at him, he looked in my eyes and it was like it wasn't me in there. I wasn't myself at all and my friends and family would make comments to my husband asking what was going on with me.

What kind of advice would you give someone who finds themselves in a similar situation?
Ask it to leave and STAY STRONG.

How is everything now?
A thousand times better! I am back to my normal, happy self, but I will not be going back to the hotel.