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Life After Paranormals: Season 5, Episode 3

We spoke with Meli Trejo about the terrifying events depicted in "From H.E.L.L."


Never use it alone. Always say goodbye when you're finished. And never use it in your own home.

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These are the essential rules of the Ouija board, and if they aren't followed, there are consequences. We spoke with Meli Trejo about the terrifying events depicted in Paranormal Witness Season 5, Episode 3: "From H.E.L.L." Click here to watch the full episode.

Before all this started happening, had you ever had a supernatural or paranormal experience?
Prior to the Ouija board I had never in my life experienced anything supernatural or paranormal. We were raised in a Catholic household, we went to church often and those topics were never discussed.

Do you remember where you first heard about Ouija boards?
The first time I ever heard of the Ouija board was when my sister Maria came home from school one day talking about a new board game. She made it sound fun and that's why we all agreed to convince my mom to buy it for us.

The change that came over your father that led up to the incident with the gun - do you think the Ouija board was responsible?
I always felt that the reason my father was growing distant and angry towards everyone in the house was the work of the Ouija board. I think the board wanted the strongest person out of the way to give it more power over us. It caused so much chaos in our house that eventually it destroyed us as a family. My father was the protector of the house and without him we were even more afraid and vulnerable.

What are your feelings on Ouija boards now?
I stay away from Ouija boards. You don't know what will come out of those things but it seems as if something evil is waiting to be released. I was warned to never get close to one or to touch a Ouija board again because I could very easily end up back in the same situation.

The 'friend' that seems to have come from the Ouija board. Can you describe the presence?
It was an older female with gray hair and I remember her face was very wrinkled. She wore a dress that looked more like a nightgown. She seemed to have a dark gray hue to her presence.

The moment with the seeming possession - can you describe that incident?
According to my family and from what I can remember there were many times that I would chant, mumble things in my sleep and my hands would move in a weird motion in mid-air. Other times I could be having a perfectly normal day until someone would upset me and that's when I would start hyperventilating to the point that I would pass out and then the chanting and mumbling would start. The smell of sulfur would fill the room I was in and I knew then that something was about to happen to me. Eventually I would black out and I have no memory as to what happened during my blackouts.

Did you ever look for non-paranormal explanations to what happened? What were they?
Honestly, looking back and knowing more about the paranormal and the Ouija board, I don't think anything that happened to us back then could be explained as a coincidence. The things that happened to us were far too strange and evil for it to be something other than paranormal. I look back on things and just know the Ouija board was responsible for everything ... it was feeding off of our fear and it was using me as a puppet since I was the weakest person in the house at the time.

The Witch Doctor that finally helped with the spirit, what was that experience like?
When we first visited the Witch Doctor I remember feeling so afraid and asking my mom for us not to go see her. All I can remember from the visit was when my mom saw the image of the old woman in a mirror instead of my own reflection. It scared us to the core. The ritual was also very eerie. We were in a dark room with candles lit everywhere and I was placed in the middle of the room for the Witch Doctor to start the cleansing. My memory is very vague about that ... maybe I'm choosing to block it because it was too much for me and I don't want to relive the moment again.

Has anyone ever expressed skepticism in the story? What do you tell them?
Absolutely. Many times. I don't care what anyone says or thinks about what my family and I went through. We lived it, we were there, we lived in fear day and night and seeing is believing for all of us. Until something like this happens to you ... you can remain a skeptic.

Did you ever experience any kind of paranormal activity after all of this happened?
No, everything was peaceful after the Witch Doctor and after the Ouija board was destroyed. We moved out of the apartment and we started living a normal life with no paranormal activity whatsoever.

What kind of advice would you give someone who finds themselves in a similar situation?
Don't wait too long to seek help. Don't allow this to take over your life because it will destroy you and cause harm to anyone around you. These things are nothing to play with even if it seems friendly and harmless at first ... just stay away.

How is everything now?
Things are great now. We managed to pick ourselves back up and move on with our lives. We will never forget what we went through but we are at peace. The Ouija board is out of our lives.