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Rules of the Ouija Board

Just follow the rules, and you'll be fine. Maybe.

By Bryan Enk

As we saw in Paranormal Witness Season 5, Episode 3: "From H.E.L.L.," using a Ouija board is no game. Honestly, we recommend just staying away from the things completely, but if you must use a Ouija board, there are several rules that should be followed. Here are the most essential.

  1. Never use the Ouija board alone.

    The three sisters had the right idea in playing together when they first got the Ouija board. After that, though, Mel started using the board herself, and came into contact with a malevolent spirit. No good.
  2. The Ouija board must be 'closed' after use.

    These means saying 'Goodbye' to whatever spirits may have been contacted, and properly storing the board. Otherwise, spirits will remain behind to haunt the user. Put it back in the box!
  3. The Ouija board must be disposed of properly.

    Otherwise, it can come back to haunt the owner. We saw this when Mel's parents attempted to throw the Ouija board into the dumpster. Mel conjured a homemade Ouija board that she used for a while, but the real Ouija board eventually reappeared ... under Mel's bed!
  4. Never use the Ouija board in your home.

    Again, we don't recommend using it anywhere, but you definitely don't want to bring any potentially negative energy into your own living space. Maybe around a campfire is best ... after all, you can burn it right after.
  5. Never use Ouija board when you are ill or in a debilitated condition.

    This makes you even more vulnerable and susceptible to possession. Oh, and never use it when you're healthy, either.

    Seeing a pattern here? Just Say No to the Ouija board!

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