What's in Store For Paranormal Witness Season 5?

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What's in Store For Paranormal Witness Season 5?

Take a gander at the tales of terror to be told in the fifth season of Paranormal Witness.


To quote Pinhead in Hellraiser, "We have such sights to show you!"

Are you ready for another season of Paranormal Witness? Season 5 looks to be the most terrifying season yet, as we have tales of first-hand encounters with a voodoo demon, an angry spirit summoned via a Ouija board, the infamous Mothman, the spirit of a long-dead serial killer and even the ghost of a drug fiend!

Click here to view our preview gallery of Paranormal Witness Season 5. The first episode, "Voodoo Curse," airs August 3 at 10/9c.

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