Judah Friedlander

Judah Friedlander is The World Champion. Any other “champion” is a fraud. Friedlander is the greatest karate hero, future president, the sexual desire of every woman and a role model to children. Unanimously voted Best Stand-Up Comedian by every human. His book How To Beat Up Anybody teaches self-defense and self-offense. He has acted in television and film to boost ratings & lend credibility to projects. He is banned from all professional sports because he is too athletic. 

It's true, Friedlander did play Frank Rossitano on the Emmy-winning 30 Rock for 7 seasons, and he did garner a Best Supporting Actor nomination at the 2004 Independent Spirit Awards for his role in the Sundance award winner American Splendor.  He's also been in comedy classics like Meet the Parents and Zoolander, the horror/comedy Feast and the cult comedy Wet Hot American Summer, and acclaimed films like The Wrestler. But he's not an actor who does stand-up on the side. He first stepped on the stand-up stage in 1989, and he's been doing standup just about every night ever since. So even though Friedlander loves acting and filmmaking, has been in over 30 movies and appeared on hundreds of TV shows including Late Night with David Letterman, Conan, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and The Daily Show - stand-up comedy is Judah’s home base.Read more

Seeing Friedlander perform live is always a unique experience. He always has new jokes and he plays off the audience, creating jokes on the spot. You will never see Friedlander do the same show twice. Because Friedlander is so awesome, he’s also one of the most copied comedians. But a copy is never as good as the original. And no one can top The World Champion. 

Friedlander is a huge fan of Syfy and the original Sharknado. When he heard they were making a sequel, without an agent or manager, Judah approached Syfy and The Asylum Production team directly to push for himself to get a role in Sharknado 2: The Second One. In Sharknado 2, Friedlander shows some serious acting range by playing against type - by acting like just a regular guy, who is not the world-class athlete and shark-fighter that he is in real life. 

You can follow Judah on Twitter. @JudahWorldChamp