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Reactor: Get to Know David Huntsberger

What's Reactor all about … and what's up with this David fella, you wonder? Dig in.

By Bryan Enk

So, Reactor, hosted by David Huntsberger, is coming to Syfy.

What's it all about … and what's up with this David fella, you wonder?

Trust us, to know David Huntsberger is to love him. Sure, the man knows comedy, having appeared on Comedy Central's Premium Blend and NBC's Last Comic Standing and delivering his comedic stylings via his own weekly podcast, Professor Blastoff, opposite Tig Notaro and Kyle Dunnigan.

But even better, the man knows sci-fi, comics, cartoons … and even better yet, he loves, loves, loves the stuff. And that's where Reactor comes in. It's David's weekly round-up of all the goings-on in geek culture, discussed and explored through his unique comic lens. There will probably be the occasional surprise guest star, too … and maybe even a few David Huntsberger clones.

What Is Reactor?

Oh, and did we mention fan films? David's DIY Blockbusters give you all the big-budget Hollywood thrills at about one-millionth of the cost. For instance, his version of San Andreas cost all of 13 bucks (mostly because he didn't have to feed The Rock). There's even fire!

Discount Blockbusters: San Andreas

David's next Discount Blockbuster cost even less. Here's Mad Max: Fury Road for a mere $12.43 — and, again, fire effects!

Discount Blockbusters: Max Max: Fury Road

Just how low can David's budget go? Here's Jurassic World for five bucks. Yes, there's fire again … and blood!

Discount Blockbusters: Jurassic World

Want more? Yeah you do! Check out Reactor on July 16 at 11:30/10:30c.