Shadow Games

Batiatus is having a crisis of faith. His mood improves, but not by much, on the arrival of the Magistrate, a guy by the name of Calavius. And then his mood greatly improves when it turns out that the Batiatus Ludus is going to be sending in some gladiators for the big games that are being held to appeal to the gods for rain.

Meanwhile, Ashur and Barca do a little sleuthing to try and find out who was behind the attack on Batiatus. And they're getting closer…

Later, the Magistrate and Solonius (who is still wearing his wig like Queen Victoria) arrive and make small talk about the drought. Batiatus learns that Solonius has entered Theokoles in the upcoming event. You remember him, he was one of the legends that everyone tried to scare Spartacus with in episode two. Calavius wants Crixus to fight him and even though Crixus is probably not up to it, Batiatus says fine. But then Solonius says they should add Spartacus. Give everyone a fighting chance. A real show.

Doctore, and this is a surprise, says that actually HE wants to fight Theokoles because he's done it before and won. Batiatus says no, and around that point The Bloodhound Gang returns and lets him know that the slaves who tried to kill him belonged to a guy named Remus. The mystery thickens. 

Naevia cozies up to Crixus, and as normally goes a love triangle between two slaves and a noblewoman - how long can this go on, do we think? Crixus heads back to the ludus and bumps into Spartacus, who says, basically, "look, we should probably fight the guy together." Crixus is as Crixus does: he disagrees.

In the morning, Ashur and Barca chat about how Spartacus and Crixus are probably going to die. And Barca places a bet! And then: Ilithyia, our favorite frivolous blonde! She's excited about watching gladiators because she loves that kind of thing, but also she's keen to see Spartacus die.  She also says she wants to have sex with Crixus and also she wants to help Lucretia have some babies by introducing her to a priestess who might be able to help.

Later that night, Ilithyia calls Spartacus and Crixus into the house and basically tries to seduce Crixus in front of Naevia and Lucretia, who are secretly having none of it. Barca and Ashur drag Remus into the ludus and it turns out, Ovidius the grain-dude is behind the attempted murder! Man, fall behind on your corn payments, things do not go your way in Capua.

The next morning, Doctore continues to try to get Crixus and Spartacus to work together, and basically sings the old Sesame Street "Cooperation makes it happen" song. (Can you imagine?) Ashur stops by while Spartacus is eating and says, "you can't trust Crixus." Which actually, is no surprise. You probably really can't trust Crixus.

The Priestess comes by and asks Lucretia if she's slept with other dudes. And when she says yes, Ilithyia basically says, "Get it, girl." Show Ilithyia some sin, and she's on board. Lucretia drinks a terrible looking latte, is blessed, and has to have sex within the hour. Which is the best homework ever.

Batiatus breaks into Ovidius' house and kills his wife. And while Batiatus holds his son hostage, Ovidius says that it was Solonius who paid him (surprisingly, not in wigs!) to try to kill him. And then Batiatus has Barca kill everyone, including the child, and then burn the house down.

Spartacus and Crixus hang out naked again, and almost actually bond a little, but instead Crixus is called away to have sex with Lucretia, but basically gets there and says, "No way. I'm exhausted. And I have an early meeting." Though, it turns out, he's totally fine to make out with Naevia.

When the match starts, Spartacus and Crixus do alright but then, as predicted, Crixus goes off all screwy and Theokoles KILLS CRIXUS!!! And so Spartacus takes on Theokoles alone, and then it turns out Crixus distracts Theokoles by flashing lights in his eyes – d'aw, they CAN cooperate! Spartacus defeats Theokoles and it starts to rain. The people rejoice like crazy.