The Greater Good

Spartacus and friends are still freeing slaves throughout the countryside and helping Crixus look for Naevia. Agron and Nasir corner a slave-owner and find out that Naevia has been killed. Crixus is, of course, devastated. Meanwhile, back at the Ludus, Oenomaus is getting branded and Ashur is trying to make himself useful. Glaber is willing to let Ashur be his house-dude if he cuts the scar off his arm, which he does. 

Meanwhile, in the upstairs house, Lucretia is dressed like the stepmother from Cinderella and also looks great.  Illithiya has invited a blond type named Varinius to organize some games. The idea is that Spartacus has the favor of the people – but the games can make everyone forget that and turn on him.

Agron and Spartacus meet to figure out their next move: freeing some slaves from slave ships. When Agron balks at how many Gauls there are along for the fight, Spartacus reminds him that they're good fighters and half of their army. Crixus tells Spartacus that he blames himself for Naevia's death because he kept sleeping with Lucretia. Spartacus gives him a pep talk.

Nasir and Agron have a quick conversation about how Crixus should know "the truth." Wait! What's the truth!? Meanwhile, Oenomaus and Ashur catch up. Oenomaus refuses to be submissive, and Ashur whips him. Up in the villa, Illithiya and Glaber start to fool around, but things are strained so they stop (Sidebar: also the slaves are watching, but it's Capua—happens all the time).

Back at Camp Spartacus, the Gauls are pretty much against the move to go and attack the slave ships, but Crixus says that Gauls are all heading out with Spartacus and even calls out the loss experienced by Agron (remember he had that other dreadlocked brother?). Basically, everyone is behind Spartacus until further notice. He's a company man, that Crixus.

Back at the ludus, Ashur beats Oenomaus and Lucretia stops the whole business. Ashur is horrible to her and condescending and reminds her that he helped her live and also return Oenomaus to the ludus. And that's the story, team -- Ashur and Lucretia have a fake prophecy that they're using to claw their way back to power. Also, apparently the Ludus has some "secrets." Stay tuned on that.

Back at camp, Spartacus and Mira flirt with each other, and basically become boyfriend and girlfriend. And then they have sex. Business as usual. Then Chadara hangs out with Nasir and tells him that she can tell he has a crush on Agron (toldja!) and that because he's so small, he'd be wise to have "the protection" of Agron. You know, like she has with Rhaskos.

Then poor Nasir has a crisis of faith when Crixus tells him he's a stand up dude. Nasir cracks and tells Crixus the truth – which is what?! And then Crixus freaks out and beats up Agron because he lied about Naevia being alive. (Oh! Wow! Great news!) Spartacus is furious, punches Agron, and then says that he stands with Crixus. Because loyalty and brotherhood. Agron leaves to attack the slave ships with a lot of the men. 

Back at the Ludus, Ashur recaps his rise to power. And for the first time, Oenomaus hears that Gannicus had sex with his wife. (Remember that?) Ashur keeps telling him the whole terrible story and Oenomaus lets it slip that the rebels are out looking for Naevia. Ashur has what he's looking for – a connection to what the rebels are doing! When Ashur tells Glaber, Lucretia says she knows where they are going.

Agron and Spartacus agree that they'll meet up after they attack the different places, Nasir decides to join the mine-attack, and everyone goes off. When Spartacus and his men reach the mines, posing as slaves ready to work, Nasir poses as their slaver. Mira goes off with the slave master – and holds a knife to his junk and asks about Naevia. He tells her that she's still alive and where to find her.

Back in Capua, Lucretia, Illithiya and Seppia have a conversation about sex and marriage. When the games get underway, Seppia taunts Glaber. Meanwhile Varinius gives a speech that the roman soldiers are here to restore order to Capua. When they don't arrive, Glaber reveals that he sent them to the mines and everyone in the skybox is furious. When the soldiers get to them mines, Ashur recognizes two of them and the soldiers go after team Spartacus. Meanwhile Glaber wins the favor of the crowd for sending his men off.

Down in the mines, Spartacus and friends search for Naevia and Spartacus vows to return to free all of them. Finally, Nasir finds Naevia and calls to Crixus. The reunion is gorgeous. A battle ensues in the mines and Spartacus makes his escape right after Ashur reveals himself to be working with the Romans.

Mira leads them all (and any minute…Data, Mouth, Mikey and the rest of the goonies) to safety with the map.  They are besieged by romans and though Naevia and Spartacus make their escape – Crixus is…well, we're not sure! What happened to Crixus!?