Empty Hands

After the big mine rescue, Naevia is safe again, but Crixus and Rhaskos have been captured. As the team hides out in the woods, Naevia freaks out and runs away. The guards start chasing her and crazy fighting ensues. Tychos is killed and there's no time to bury him. Back at the ludus, Albinius and Varinius drop in on Glaber and Illithiya says what she always says: "let's party!"

Back in the woods, Team Spartacus is on its way to meet Agron at their slave-ship battle. Marcus (the deputy to Glaber) carves the sign of Glaber into Tychos forehead and strings him up in a tree. Harsh. Ashur is a little conflicted about his role in all this…but it's Ashur, he's a jerk.

It turns out that Seppia and Lucretia have become all kinds of friendly and this infuriates Illithiya. Seppia also has her eye on Varinius as a husband and Illithiya is upset about this because she sort of has the hots for him. Things are tense between Illithiya and Lucretia now – because Illithiya is sure that Lucretia is scamming them all with this oracle nonsense.

Glaber's men return with Rhaskos, another guy, and Crixus. Illithiya tells Lucretia they have unfinished business. Meanwhile, down in the dungeons, Crixus is reunited with Oenomaus. They talk about the loves of their lives. Where is Naevia anyway? Well, she's in the forest and when she's startled by one of the soldiers, roman soldiers jump out of the bushes and attack! Again!  Except this time Nasir is wounded! Another of their band of men is killed! Naevia does a lot of screaming!

Back at the ludus, a party is underway when Seppia and Seppius (the world's closest siblings) arrive with Varinius and that creepy creepy Cossutius. Everyone's really impressed by the sex show and Glaber starts to make one of his speeches and says that it's time to torture one of the captured roman slaves, but Varinius says, "no no, let's do it in the arena." Everyone's very excited.

Lucretia is eyeing Crixus, and Seppia and Seppius, the worst siblings in the world, decide that they should honor Sextus by spilling the blood of one person – Lucretia is made to choose the one they torture, and she goes with not Oenomaus or Crixus or Rhaskos. They take turns torturing that guy. Meanwhile, Illithiya and her father talk about dissolving her marriage when Albinius tells her to calm down and no.

In the forest, Nasir is still injured and while the Gauls want to kill him and be on their way, Spartacus says absolutely no and decides to seal the wound with fire.  Mira tells Spartacus that he's the reason that they're all free, and then everyone tells Nasir to be brave and accept the mark of the brotherhood when they brand him with fire and don't scream. Tall order, Spartacus.

Back in the ludus, Seppius is jealous of the attention on Seppia, Lucretia makes an ally of Albinius by being a little tarty, and Seppia learns she's not really a killer but that Illithiya…whoa, totally is. Meanwhile, Glaber watches Seppia and Seppius leave the premises because they're clearly (ew?) more than siblings. And Illithiya tries once more to seduce Varinius into marrying her, provided she can get the marriage dissolved.

And then Illithiya totally spies Lucretia doing it with her father, Albinius. Big night at the ludus.

Back in the woods, Team Spartacus gets into yet another tussle with Roman soldiers and Ashur kills one of the rebels. Spartacus is furious, Marcus is wounded, and Naevia continues to scream.  Ashur carries Marcus off into the woods and for reasons that aren't yet entirely clear, kills him. Back in the ludus, Illithiya confronts Lucretia about having sex with her father, saying she'll kill Lucretia the same way she killed Licinia. Lucretia says she did it so that Albinius would dissolve her marriage.

Finally, back in the woods, Spartacus, Nasir, Naevia and Mira are all that's left. And as they think Romans are coming after them, they turn and see that Agron and his men have arrived.