Spoils of War

Picking up right where the battle left off, the Romans pile through the gates of SpartacusBurg and Caesar welcomes Crassus with basically a fist-bump. The Romans storm through, while the swordplay of Crixus, Spartacus, Naevia, Agron, and the rest of the merry band of rebels are no match and they're forced to retreat. And that's when Gannicus makes a rash decision to try to buy everyone some more time.

Meanwhile, Agron bumps into Nasir and Castus, who are fighting off some Romans. Agron spares his life because Nasir believes he wasn't in on the pirate betrayal, and they run off. As Gannicus decides to set one of the storerooms on fire, out pops Sybil. She's the one who's been following Gannicus around like a groupie. She got lost in the shuffle and now he has to save her. She's sort of insufferable, that Sybil.

When Crassus learns that the rebels have burned part of the city, he says they're going to stick to their intended course, which is the northern gate where it turns out, a LOT of the rebels are evacuating. Rebels including Spartacus! Gannicus fights with some guards and loses Donar in the shuffle but manages to escape with Sybil. Crassus sees Spartacus for the first time and orders him seized. Spartacus makes a daring escape Indiana Jones style and everyone asks, "What's next?" And then, somehow -- Crassus just wants to party.

The next morning, Crassus is all excited by his public execution plan and tells Senator Metellus that he's awesome and Caesar gets a haircut! In fact, a Caesar cut! Crassus tells him to relax; there are more plans to come, and for now, everyone cool it – let's party. Gannicus and Sybil hang out in the hayloft, and Caesar bumps into an angry Laeta and they get snippy with each other.

Up in the villa, Crassus asks Kore to stay with him during the celebration, when Tiberius comes in and everything gets creepy. Crassus tells Tiberius that he's going to do a bit of ritual to honor Caesar, which Tiberius isn't happy about. Meanwhile, Gannicus and Sybil escape, and Tiberius corners Kore in the wine cellar and tells her to be quiet about everything that's been going down. Also, Laeta takes a bath, has her make-up done, and Caesar tells her she's pretty.

Turns out that Crassus has a plan: he sold Laeta to the pirate Heracleo as part of the bargain for taking the Romans into the city by boat. Roman citizen or not, Crassus still thinks she aided the enemy so he sells her into slavery. Tiberius stops by to hang out with a naked Caesar, who says some insulting things and makes out with ladies the whole time.

In the blacksmith's shop, Heracleo has decided to brand Laeta a slave, and burns a giant H into her arm, kisses her, and then Gannicus shows up and a fight ensues wherein Laeta gets her revenge by spearing Heracleo through the neck with a red hot poker. It's a good move. Crassus, meanwhile, has moves of his own when he throws the "lets kill the rebels party" and has quite a few dudes drawn and quartered while everyone eats oysters. Crassus also tells Metellus that the city now belongs to them; the spoils of war! They get a city!

Tiberius stands and calls on Caesar to perform the ritual of taking blood from Donar. Tiberius also secretly unlocks Donar's chains and allows him to fight Caesar fairly.  Which goes on for a while until Donar kills himself rather than let Caesar kill him. In another part of the city, Gannicus is leading Laeta and Sybil down to the boat when they draw the attention of Caesar, and there's more fighting. Caesar gets a pretty good wound, and Sybil and Laeta jump on horses and they rush out of the city.

And finally, high on the hill, the rebels have made camp in a snowy desolate wilderness. Gannicus arrives on horseback, and everyone's spirits are raised somewhat until Spartacus shows Gannicus the bad news: Crassus has dug a tremendous ditch on the other side of the mountain range, effectively trapping Team Spartacus.