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Episode Recap: Dr. Dredge M.D.

The Dredge returns in the first part of this two-parter, but this time he inhabits the body of May's old flame, Dr. Kim.


At the top of the episode, Garvey comes home from school early and catches May and Calvin getting jiggy with it. But the make-out session is cut short when May gets called to the station. Meanwhile, Bea is surprised by Isaac, who has returned.

The corpse that May brings to the Hastings Funeral Home for Tilly’s autopsy is messed. Up. Looks like the Dredge tried to use it as a meat suit. Oh, and it looks like whoever did Dr. Kim’s hiring wasn’t so thorough: the hospital brought on an infernal in Nurse Judy. She sucks the life out of Dr. Kim, and brings his empty corpse to the Dredge so that he can use it as a disguise. Dr. Dredge is on call now.

Dr. Dredge, in his new digs, pays a visit to Aunt Nancy, and in exchange for some obsidian she gives him the spider with Calvin’s memories on it. Dr. Dredge knows it is the Ring of Solomon that he desires.

Dr. Dredge attends a town hall meeting to discuss the Founder’s Day celebrations and booth assignment, and there ingratiates himself with the May — who’s on the board. Meanwhile, Isaac whips out some memory crystals and takes Calvin on a journey through the past. Turns out Isaac was elected by a joint council of Moor and Templars to keep the balance between good and evil. Easy, right?

When Calvin gets a glimpse of his father’s past, and what demon ass kicking really entails, he wants in. And Dr. Dredge (as Dr. Kim) and May go to the Cottonmouth for some lunch. Garvey shows up unexpectedly, and while May goes to the bathroom, she and Dr. Dredge talk…about Calvin. Dredge uses this opportunity to sow seeds of doubt in Garvey’s mind.

And for target practice, Isaac summons up an evildoer named Skinny Jenkins — a drug dealer — from his past. After some struggles, Calvin uses his wild and wicked powers to cram Jenkins back in the Ring of Solomon. And Dr. Dredge calls up Calvin to notify him that he has his child and mother of his child taken hostage, and will kill them both unless he meets him at the Cottonmouth.

Calvin springs into action, and gives himself over to the Dredge willingly, getting into the back of the Dredge’s truck, which is way sketchy ...but made less sketchy because Isaac secure's a tracking device in Calvin's neck. Good thinking, pops!