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Episode Recap: Echoes Of My Mind

The Dredge captures Calvin and tries to torture him into releasing the evil demons imprisoned in his ring.


In a flashback we find Calvin captured by a Taliban gang, and tortured for information. But he’s not talking. Meanwhile, Isaac and May team up to go track down Calvin and rescue him. But there’s a lot at stake.

Oh, and that flashback? Turns out the Dredge recreated the memory of his past to make Calvin’s mind crack. It didn’t work. Dredge needs Calvin pliable so that he can submit to his demands to pull out the other infernals from the Ring of Solomon. Sneaky sneaky.

The Dredge conjures up yet another illusion, in which Calvin again is in Afghanistan. The Dredge has managed to find his way into the illusion, body swapping as a Marine in Calvin’s battalion. Only this one takes place inside the Hastings Funeral Home. Looks like he’s mixing his metaphors.

And Isaac and May are lured to an old, abandoned sugar mill where they think the Dredge is keeping Calvin. Only it was a trap! Calvin’s not there, but a bunch of angry infernals are, and they pounce on Isaac and May. The two fight back, and Isaac takes the infernal Logum hostage.

Isaac tortures Logum with some ancient tactics and tools until he reveals where the Dredge is keeping his son. But Logum doesn’t know — the Dredge never told him that. What he does know is that the Dredge had orders for all the infernals in La Rochelle to descend on the Founder’s Day celebration, and wreak havoc.

May leaves Isaac to attempt to implore the Mayor to cancel the ribbon cutting ceremony for Founder’s Day. He’s like, no way: it’s the most important part of the whole event. So May goes around the Mayor’s back, links up with officer Patla, and gins up a reason for postponing the event: a gas leak on the premises.

And Logum manages to smudge the chalk on the chalk circle keeping him imprisoned, and allowing him to break free. He deals Isaac some fatal blows, and steals a crystal Isaac had on him that contained all his knowledge of the Ring. That’s…gonna hurt.

Patla and May declare a gas leak emergency and poke around the Founders Day Celebration premises, and Mayor Bickley has some strong words for them. He can’t get them all out, however, because a band of Infernals has come to partake in the festivities. May blinds them all with an ancient weapon she got from Isaac, and the Mayor is converted into a believer.

But the victory is short-lived. May and the Mayor are ambushed by even more infernals. Nurse Judy comes back, and after subduing May, kisses her on the mouth to suck the life from her. Then, out of NOWHERE — a window, though, really — James flies in and starts kicking Infernal bootay. And Logum returns to the Dredge with the crystal he got from Isaac to tell him the good news that his nemesis is dead. But that crystal wasn’t a memory crystal: it was a tracking rune! Isaac’s on his way!

And the Dredge can’t seem to get a hold on Calvin’s psyche as easily as he thought. Calvin is strong, and resists the takeover. He summons up the power to extrude the Dredge’s form from Dr. Kim’s body, and suck it up into the ring!