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Episode Recap: Green-on-Blue

Calvin tries to get to the bottom of some mysterious deaths at a nearby military base. Meanwhile, Garvey and Russ experiment with her powers.


At Fort Bridges training ground, an officer by the name of Jason is busy
keeping his muscles limber through athletic games. His opponent, Dan,
overtakes him handily. But that may have more to do with the fact that
Dan is some supernatural creature, then Jason being the inferior
opponent. After Jason leaves the grounds, Dan catches sight of a human
skull in the dirt. Well, he can't have that… so he just covers it up.
NBD, right?

Back in La Rochelle, Calvin is at the Cotton Mouth. The owner of that
fine establishment, Travis, asks Calvin if he can help his nephew Evan
out at Fort Bridges. He's not fitting in, and more and more recruits are
going AWOL. Calvin agrees, and the two hit the road.

But Calvin and Travis might be coming too late. At least for Jason. One
night while the other recruits are sleeping, Dan's shadow savages
Jason's, and does him in entirely. Calvin and Travis meet with Post
Commander Colonel Donovan to press her on the missing recruits.
Apparently Fort Bridges is hella haunted, and these recruits could be
falling prey to some bad energies. Calvin's the one who gets through to
Donovan — she knows who he is, and what he's been through. She gives
them both 48 hours to snoop around.

Calvin and Travis link up with Evan, Travis's nephew. He fills them in
on all the weird stuff happening. Then he tells them that after Jason
went missing, he felt a tingling in the air. It's electric! Calvin dials
his pops for some insight into the magical situation. He describes
what's going on, and Isaac suggests that maybe there's a Shiqq Jinn at
work here — a half-man, half-monster type deal.

Meanwhile, Russ and Garvey are exploring her powers. They use a spinner
as a medium for her psychic abilities. It works… but now Russ wants in
on the action. So Garvey shares some of her blood with Russ. Back at
Fort Bridges, Evan gets lured into the woods by the Shiqq Jinn. There's
a Jinn Evan waiting for him there — it's super buff. Jinn Evan is trying
to suck out the life-force from Evan, and it's working. Calvin shows up
and flashes the Ring of Solomon. The Jinn shows its horrible, devil
form, and then scurries away. Evan is incapacitated.

Back at the Hastings Funeral Home, Tilly's mom has passed and requested
to be buried at their funeral. Tilly and her mom didn't really get
along. Diana, that woman there, is the head witch of a coven, and Tilly
thinks she separated her from her mother all those years because she
wasn't a willing witch herself. Now Diana is dying, and wants Tilly to
take up the mantle for her. Tilly definitely considers it.

And Garvey takes Russ to the Alchemy room to test his new powers. But it
goes badly, and he blows a gasket, and starts bleeding from his schnoz.
Hasting blood does not a Hasting make. Garvey gets Isaac, who has to do
some supernatural surgery on Russ. He bleeds him, and cleanses Russ's
veins of any Hasting blood. He also gets some on himself and Garvey, for
good measure.

Back at Fort Bridges, Dan the recruit wants the Jinn to leave him alone.
But the Jinn has no intentions of doing that — he's his pack mule
basically, helping him kill innocents. This is one dysfunctional
relationship. Calvin and Travis find Jinn Dan preying on Evan, and
intervene. Calvin brandishes the Ring of Solomon at the Jinn, but is
distracted by the voices of the trapped demons inside it. The Jinn takes
up Travis and is ready to rip him limb from limb. Travis screams, and
breaks the spell the voices have over Calvin. Calvin comes to his
senses, and punches the Jinn in its heart-center, destroying it. And
Tilly ultimately declines Dianna's offer to take up the mantel in the
coven. She has her family: the Hastings.