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Episode Recap: Half Truths & Half Breeds

Isaac sends a mysterious half human/half infernal to help Calvin et al with the fight in La Rochelle. Meanwhile, Bea, Garvey and Tilly grapple with how to properly bury a known racist.


We’re at the Cottonmouth, a gastropub in La Rochelle. A cowboy named James, with one dead eye, saunters in and wets his whistle with a neat whiskey. Then he promptly gets to work dispensing with a couple of infernals in disguise — slashing them upside and down with his snazzy blade. He tells the bartender that there are more where that came from. How does he know? He hears “the Master’s” call — in the form of a pervasive hum permeating the town.

Meanwhile in the Alchemy room, Tilly has found a match between the mark that The Dredge left on his corpse minion and the Mark of Asmodeus. Asmodeus was an ancient infernal who could perform magic and shape shift and do other things you’d expect a man with the name Asmodeus could do.

After being interrogated by Officer May, James says he’ll only speak with Calvin. How does he know him? Calvin is summoned, and has a one-on-one interrogation with James. James knows all about Calvin’s lineage, and about the legend of his father, and a lot of other things too. How? It’s unclear, but this stranger’s knowledge of him and his family unnerves Calvin. He also tells him that “more are coming.” This is turning into a theme.

And later, while being transferred to a more permanent cell, James breaks free of Deputy Patla’s grasp by elongating his arms, knocks the lawman out, and escapes. Killer on the lam. James makes a beeline for the Hastings home, where he introduces himself to all and sundry. Turns out, James is a half-man half-infernal who’s also good buddies with Isaac. They’ve spanned the years together. They got history.

In performing the autopsy on Mr. Jones, Tilly discovers that, much to her surprise, he’s missing a rib cage and all his internal organs. Most people have at least one. The only reasonable explanation is that: Mr. Jones is an infernal. Just like James said!

And that whole thing about more infernals coming? Well a group of them, including Zagan and Raum (two of the HOTTEST infernals you’ll ever meet) have preyed upon some teenagers camping in the woods. They kill them all, and eat their entrails. Raw. Because starting a fire from scratch is SO time consuming. When May and her team get there, they think James is to blame.

To clear his name and annihilate these infernals, Calvin and James follow the trail right to the woods where the carnage is. There they do battle with the infernals. But Calvin learns that his human fighting tactics are no match. He’s got to use the Ring of Solomon. Unfortuantely, at this time, he doesn’t know how to. He has to kill Zagan the old fashioned way. But although Calvin is able to dispense with Zagan, James loses his eye to Raum, who then runs with two other infernals into the woods. Without his eye, James is unable to track the infernals.

That is, unless Calvin can figure out how to use the ring! So James gets him all riled up, brings up his dead brother, just so Calvin can sublimate that raw energy into activating the ring! Now he’s ready to fight, and James and he make off to find the infernals.

So, the reason all these infernals are now coming out of the woodwork is that a Herald has been humming her siren song, beckoning the devils from all corners of the earth. Calvin and James follow the song into a cave where they find the Herald. She nearly has Calvin ensnared, but he uses the Ring of Solomon and his trusty right hand to squeeze the life out of her (as well as squeeze her head off her body). He tosses her noggin into a pool of water. Another one bites the dust.