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Episode Recap: The Dredge

The Dredge sends a "Trojan Horse" to the Hastings Funeral Home in order to gather intel about the Ring of Solomon.


It hasn’t been a good night for Calvin or the Hastings family. Bea is still knocked out from the ritual, and Isaac is still decapitated. Tilly and Officer May try to revive her with a counter spell and a cupping method, while Calvin and Garvey get to planting wards around the property’s perimeter. To repel evil.

The cupping works, and Bea comes back! And she wakes up to get the shock of her life: Isaac’s dead body. Well, she quickly gets to work using Egyptian magic to reattach that decapitated head to the lifeless body, bring it back to life, and voila! Dead Isaac is now living Isaac. It’s a miracle. Well, not really. Turns out, this wasn't Isaac's first time dying. Oh, he's died hundreds of times before. Maybe even thousands. But this one was different. This time he felt as though maybe he wouldn’t come back. Like the rest of us.

Knowing that he’s going to be doing battle soon enough, Calvin has Tilly treat his trusty blade for supernatural effectiveness. And Garvey has her nerd boy toy — who’ll do anything for her to get into her pants — do some digital digging on her dad. She wants to know his story.

And the Dredge, trying to breach the Hastings home, is stopped by the wards Calvin and Garvey planted. Back off, buddy! And Garvey's boy toy managed to dig up some stuff from the Dark Web on Calvin. He served in the bloodiest battles in Afghanistan and Iraq, got a bronze star…but then his records disappeared. What happened?

Speaking of Calvin, he still holds fast to that vision he had of his father’s death. Even after he finds out that his pops is indestructible, that prophesy still haunts him. That night, The Dredge comes upon a young man young man doing laps at the local field. He saps his youth, emblazons on his hand an insignia, and uses him as his eyes and ears. His much younger, healthier eyes and ears. His body ends up in the morgue, presided over by the entire Hilton family.

At night, the corpse's hand comes alive, and has grown an eyeball that can see almost 180 degrees without glasses. What it sees, The Dredge sees. Then the entire corpse comes alive, and starts waking up other bodies in the chiller. The family is upstairs, playing a game of cards, when Calvin confronts his father on the whole immortality thing. So, basically, Isaac is an ancient warrior that once protected the Holy Land, and never got any older.

Tilly goes to check on a mysterious noise in the lab, and when she does, she’s attacked by the two reanimated corpses. This was only the bait to lure the rest of the family to come down to the chiller, and ambush them. But they fight back. They fight back hard. Using a combination of hydrochloric acid, some hand bonsaws and knives, they thwart the enemies.

But that was only the beginning. The Dredge is sending other reanimated corpses in to relay a message to the family: he wants the ring of Solomon, which is in Isaac's possession. But that was just the beginning. The Dredge is sending other reanimated corpses in to relay a message to the family: he wants the ring of Solomon, which is in Isaac's possession. The corpse burns Isaac's chest with his insignia hand, but Calvin drives his blade through it, and cuts off its life force and communication with The Dredge. Plug pulled.

But Isaac sustained some pretty serious injuries from his chest making contacting with that corpse's hand. It looks like a burn/infection, and it's making him feel…mortal. He suspects it's going to spread. He needs someone’s help to defeat The Dredge. But before Isaac leaves, he passes along the Ring of Solomon to Calvin to safeguard. And use.