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Episode Recap: Through The Looking Glass

While on a case, May is sucked into a mysterious mirror world.


Officer May and Deputy Patla raid an abandoned plantation house turned meth lab basecamp. There, they are attacked by a drug dealer with superhuman, meth-powered strength. May gets knocked on the head, and somehow transported behind a mirror and locked inside its mirror world. It’s trippy.

And at the Hastings Funeral Home, Tilly is busy interviewing candidates for a new intake specialist. People are dying left and right! Business is booming! And Isaac is away. Tilly finally settles on a woman named Shelby, who’s got a lot of experience and comes from a taxidermist family — so she’s perfect.

Meanwhile, Calvin and Bea rush over to the hospital where May is in a coma. But…she’s not really: she’s in the mirror world watching this whole absurd thing unfold. Oh, and also she’s busy fighting off an army of dark souls — once-human figures now much decayed — that have fallen upon her in the mirror world.

Luckily, a woman inside the mirror world named Sarah saves her from the ambush, and gets her out. Sarah’s an addict who died of an overdose. They head over to the funeral home where May has to endure the sight of her daughter grieve. Then, later, as Calvin is taking a shower to wash off the day’s troubles, he accidentally taps his ring on the mirror and catches a glimpse of May in it! Luckily the mirror didn’t break…

Ah, so the ring of Solomon is the conduit between the two worlds, along with a mirror, something to write with — like a supernatural grab bag. Then Bea breaks out an ancient bowl with no bottom and uses it as a communication device. It works! The familys know May’s not dead! And just in time too: May’s doctor, Dr. Kim, wanted to pull the plug and harvest her organs (per her organ donor request). Close one.

May and Sarah return to the plantation house in the mirror world, as Calvin follows in the real world. Meanwhile, Sarah is getting hungrier and hungrier, and she actually inhales — through her palm — some of the dark souls that threaten them in the mirror world. OK, so Sarah isn’t who she said she is: she’s an infernal feasting on the people that get trapped in the mirror, but she wants to get out into the real world now.  May can help her do that. So Sarah attempts to wear May’s body like a suit.

But Calvin intimidates the dark souls on the other side until they release May, who runs away. Sarah and Calvin have a stare down — a stare down that straddles dimensions. Epic. Then Sarah gets to business tracking down May. It turns out that Sarah is Sarah LeClair, a witch who sought immortality. She wants to use May’s still living body as a vehicle to return to the real world.

To save May from such a fate, Calvin must go into the mirror world and get her out. He uses the singing bowl like a key: add some water, spin the bowl, and you can go in and out of the mirror world. When he arrives in the other dimension, Calvin and May pass the field where they conceived Garvey. It brings back memories.

Calvin and May arrive at the mirror world hospital room, ready to return. But Sarah shows up and pulls some of her magic tricks, gets Calvin shot, and throws him against a wall. The Hastings have to think fast: if they kill May in the real world, Sarah won’t be able to use her mirror world body as a conduit. So they…kill May.

Sarah’s plans are thwarted, and she is forced from May’s body. Meanwhile, Garvey, who won’t let her mom die, takes the defibrillating paddles and resuscitates her mother. Just at that moment, May is able to return to the real world, and back into her body! Now Calvin, alone with Sarah, uses a strand of her hair to perform some magic. By dipping it into a witch bottle, he’s able to deprive Sarah of her powers before killing her for good. After that, he returns to the real world.