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Episode Recap: You're Not My Momma

Calvin and the gang take on a demonic doll intent on finding justice for her recently deceased, surrogate mom. Meanwhile, Isaac strikes an unlikely truce with Mayor Bickley.


Ding, dong, the Dredge is dead! Well, sort of: he’s trapped in the Ring of Solomon. And the Hastings are celebrating his demise with a much-deserved BBQ. It's a rollicking good time…until a bad omen in the form of a dead raven graces their dinner table. Someone's just died.

Also, Mayor Bickley is totally an infernal. He’s conspiring with one of the Dredge's disciples over how to eliminate the Hastings. Looks like he was presiding over La Rochelle at the behest of the Dredge — talk about dirty politics.

And the person who died? Mr. Lin's wife, Lisa. The Hastings are in-taking their latest customer, and her husband requests that she be buried with her favorite doll, the Lucy Doll — a surrogate for the child they could never have. Cute. Creepy and cute. Turns out Tilly has an irrational fear of dolls, which makes this immediate case hard for her. Especially when that irrational fear isn't so irrational after all: Lucy Doll is possessed. Those eyes…

Mayor Bickley summons Isaac to his offices to threaten him. Bickley wants Isaac and his family to leave La Rochelle forever, or else he'll circulate photos that prove Isaac's immortality. Wuh-oh.

One of the bereaved, Tina, a friend of Lisa's, is packing up all the dolls from the funeral when she comes across Lucy Doll. Lucy Doll starts yammering on about how Tina is "Not my momma." Real grade-A creepo stuff. Anyway, Lucy Doll seduces Tina, and uses her as her transporter. It's a short partnership. Lucy Doll kills Tina after she brings her home to her apartment.

Mr. Lin comes clean about the doll. He and Lisa did conceive a child, but it was a stillborn. So on a trip to Thailand he got her a luk thep, which is a Thai good luck charm. Now it's worthless and scary: so he allows Bea and Calvin to get rid of it. But they don't. They give it to Tilly who, reluctantly, subjects it to some tests.

She finds that the doll is really the remains of a mummified baby that have been encased in that miniature body! Oh, heavens to Lucy! May has done some digging on Eric and Tina's background: turns out, they were hitting it together. That doll might contain the remains of Eric and Lisa's stillborn child. And now it's trying to wreak vengeance on Eric on behalf of its mother for taking up an affair with Tina!

Calvin comes to Eric’s aid, and also to interrogate him. Lucy Doll is also there, and cuts Eric's tendon, as Calvin and he try to escape. Lucy continues to press Eric, demanding he tell Calvin what he did to "my momma."

Isaac returns to the Mayor's office, unwilling to settle. He wants to kill this infernal. But maybe they make a deal instead? See, Bickley wasn't so hot on being the Dredge's errand boy — and now he's flaunting his freedom. They come to an agreement: they'll stay out of each other's ways, unless working together proves mutually beneficial. Very adult.

Eric confesses to killing his wife, and to shoving his dead daughter into the Lucy Doll. That's the admission of guilt Calvin needs. He then goes to town on Lucy, and aims to give her a few more air holes to breathe through. But he can't get there just yet, as Eric has plans to do away with Calvin before he can send him to jail. But Calvin prevails as the superior fighter, and drives Eric's knife into his own back.

Calvin thinks twice about blowing the doll to porcelain pieces. Calvin puts Lucy to rest next to Lisa's and Eric's graves — where she'll hopefully stay put for ever and ever.