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SYFY WIRE Judge Dredd

Flesh-eating Kleggs and insane war robots attack in 2000 AD's new Judge Dredd graphic novel

By Jeff Spry
Dredd Hero

For a brutal dose of British comic book flair, Rebellion and 2000 AD are releasing a new 128-page Judge Dredd graphic novel on Dec. 10 titled Control. This is the first time the digital-only series has been collected and it's fortified with an all-star creative team comprised of acclaimed writer Rob Williams and veteran artist Chris Weston (The Filth, Ministry of Space) — and SYFY WIRE is delivering a 6six-page sneak peek!

Here Williams (Suicide Squad, The Royals) pits the legendary Mega-City One lawman against the madness of Special Judicial Squad officer Judge Pin, the female internal affairs agent and nemesis of all judges, whose particular methods of administering punishment from within the ranks include murder.

This new OGN acts as a follow-up to Williams' Judge Dredd: The Small House, which he created with illustrator Henry Flint (Fear Itself) last year.

dredd 1

Judge Dredd: Control's plotline follows the psychotic Judge Pin, who knocks off police officers that fall far short of her personal standards. Now Judge Dredd is in her cruel crosshairs in a gathering of rough and rowdy tales showcasing flesh-eating Kleggs, hijacking ape gangs, and off-kilter war robots reprogrammed by unstable accountants, all generated by the fan favorite Dredd creative team of Williams and Weston.

dredd slice

"Control is a collection of a few years' worth of collaborations between myself and Chris Weston," Williams tells SYFY WIRE. "The stories are largely born out of phone conversations between Chris and I where ideas would be knocked back and fore and then I'd write them. I'm listed as writer but there's a lot of Chris' ideas there too, and that's what makes this a special collection for me. It's, perhaps, more of a collaborative entity than most Dredd graphic novels. Judge Pin was born out of Chris and I saying how it's about time Dredd had a memorable addition to his rogue's gallery again."

dredd slice 2

"So, a Judge who's also secretly a serial killer," Williams adds. "We go to some disturbing, dark places with Pin's story arc. But half the time Chris and I ending up making ourselves laugh on phone calls, so you also get stories like Elevator Pitch, which is the more outre, fun side of Dredd's world. And in the Sensitive Klegg story you have a real sense of pathos with a genuinely sympathetic character.

"The richness and variety of Dredd's world is on show in these stories. And in Chris' extraordinary artwork you can argue that the city has rarely looked better. Certainly it's never looked more detailed. You can proudly put Control on a shelf with your Bollands and McMahons and feel it belongs."

dredd slice 3

Now saddle up and ride into our six page preview of Rebellion/2000 AD's Judge Dredd: Control (Dec. 10) in the full gallery below, as the diabolical Judge Pin dispenses her brand of insane justice on a promising young cadet.