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SYFY WIRE Star Wars: The Clone Wars

5 moments we need to see in Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 7

By Caitlin Busch
Anakin and Ahsoka Star Wars The Clone Wars

As we count down the days to the premiere of Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 7, we can't help but start reflecting on all the loose ends that need tying up and moments of closure we need to experience. Sure, we'll meet the Bad Batch and finally witness the Siege of Mandalore, but what about the less plot-driven, more satisfying moments? The emotional ones we all want, but that no one talks about as much?

And so, with that in mind, we've reflected on five things we want — no, need — to see in The Clone Wars Season 7. A couple of these things would make sense, plot-wise, and are more likely to happen; others are simply emotional moments that would be oh-so-nice to see play out.

Join us in emotional exhaustion, if you will.

Star Wars The Clone Wars Admiral Trench

Admiral Trench's death

This entry might be cheating because we know it's coming. Animatics of the "Bad Batch" series of episodes first written by Brent Friedman revealed that Anakin would be the one to do in Admiral Trench, that spidery s**t, once and for all. But now we'll finally be able to see it in all its glory.

The Bad Batch storyline is one of the series' final two, highly anticipated arcs. That we could see Anakin stab Trench through with his lightsaber, fully Dark Side for a few moments, is truly exciting. Anakin's never been one to really shy away from killing people for the greater good. Revenge, though, is a whole other thing. That path leads to the Dark Side…

Ahsoka and Anakin in Star Wars The Clone Wars

Ahsoka/Anakin hug

Speaking of the Dark Side, let's talk about something that’s the exact opposite: a freakin' hug between Anakin and his (former) apprentice Ahsoka. She'll be returning to assist the Jedi in the Siege of Mandalore, during which Ahsoka will supposedly face down Maul and attempt to free the Mandalorians from his rule.

But all of this comes with the added element that when Ahsoka left the Jedi Order behind, she also left her Master, who undoubtedly cared for her. If Obi-Wan is like Anakin's father, then Ahsoka was like a daughter or a younger sister — you don't give someone a nickname (i.e., "Snips") unless you care about them.

And so, all I need in Season 7 is for Anakin and Ahsoka to hug before once again parting ways. I'd settle for an awkward side-hug because, as you may know, the next time they meet up, Anakin's too far gone to ever think about such things.

Barriss Offee in Star Wars The Clone Wars

Barriss Offee's return

Last we saw of Ahsoka's former friend Barriss in The Clone Wars, she'd betrayed everything she ever knew to make a point about the Jedis' failure and to frame her friend as a terrorist. So why would we want her back?

Well, friends, for closure. Barriss was one of Ahsoka's closest friends. And that Ahsoka had to leave behind so much of her life due to her friend's betrayal… well, therapy doesn't really seem to be a thing in the galaxy far, far away, so these two should probably talk some things out.

In E.K. Johnston's 2016 novel Ahsoka, we get to hear some of an older Ahsoka’s thoughts on Barriss’ betrayal. She still believes Barriss' betrayal to be wrong, but admits that maybe if the Jedi Council had listened to her (admittedly not well-executed) arguments, they might have survived the Clone Wars.

While it's not out of character for Ahsoka to have forgiven Barriss in some measure, it would be nice to see the beginnings of that internal struggle. And what better way than to allow Ahsoka to meet up with Barriss one final time, even if for just a moment?

Anakin and Obi-Wan Star Wars The Clone Wars

Obi-Wan/Anakin hug

In Anakin's eternal words — "He's like my father!" — he and Obi-Wan Kenobi are more than Master and Apprentice. No, Anakin and Obi-Wan are friends and brothers. And while the Jedi Code forbids attachment, there's no doubt the two are attached at the hip. All of this makes Anakin's downfall in Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith that much more heartbreaking.

And so because we never get any affection between Anakin and Obi-Wan in Revenge of the Sith, how about a hug in The Clone Wars Season 7? Any takers? (*Stares pointedly.*)

Captain Rex Star Wars The Clone Wars

Rex removes his Order 66 chip

We know from Star Wars Rebels that Rex was one of at least three clones — alongside Wolffe and Gregor — who removed their control chips that were meant to trigger Order 66. I really need to see that happen. Imagine the emotional impact of a scene like that. We've been with Rex through pretty much everything at this point, and this is the final step. This is a must, right?

And, honestly, I'd also like some general stuff about Ahsoka and Rex interacting. The two of them have had a long ride together; Rex challenged Ahsoka and acted as a kind of mentor and ally from the first moment they met, and it's hard to imagine Rex doesn't miss having Ahsoka at his side near the end of the Clone Wars.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 7 premieres on Disney+ on February 21.