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SYFY WIRE Bad Astronomy

A Moment of Time-Lapse

By Phil Plait

In 2012, I posted an astonishing time-lapse video by Knate Meyers, put together using images taken from the space station as it orbited the Earth. Meyers is working on a new project, as yet untitled, but heâs created a short teaser for it, and, as Iâd expect, it looks really good:

I like how in some segments the longer exposures make the stars seem huge, but in others they are sharp and crisp and seemingly countless. His use of slow tracking and then accelerated motion is very compelling, too. My favorite, I think is the few-seconds-long scene looking out an airplane window, starting at 1:14. Iâd love to see more shots like that.

Meyers as an excellent eye for how the pieces of a video fit together, so Iâm looking forward to the final project, which he says will be out this fall.

Tip oâ the lens cap to We Love Timelapse on Facebook.

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