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SYFY WIRE Bad Astronomy

A Triplet of Interviews

By Phil Plait

This is just a quick post to let yâall know that I was interviewed by Rob Waugh of Yahoo!UK about some of the adventures Iâve had communicating science, including debunking the Moon Hoax, talking asteroids, and fretting over solar storms.

Itâs a brisk read, and I feel I should note I did not write the headline.

While Iâm at it, somehow it slipped my attention that I never linked to an interview I did with Richard Chirgwin of The Register when I was in Australia in August. Thatâs a wide-ranging interview covering a lot of topics, and was fun to do.

Oh, and while Iâm at it: I did a four-part interview with my friends Sara Mitchell and Maggie Masetti for NASAâs Blueshift podcast. Part 4 went online a little while ago, and has links to the earlier parts too. That was fun, too; we chatted about science, how we learn, how itâs best to promote it, and more.

I have to admit, itâs a bit weird to talk about communicating science. It seems meta. Still, Iâm glad folks are interested in it, and hey, if others read it and decide they want to join in, then Iâm all for it. The more people promoting science, the merrier.

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