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All the anime we can’t wait to binge-watch in 2019

By Elizabeth Rayne

Have you been waiting for Saitama to knock someone out with one punch? Been impatient to see where Boogiepop goes after it left off years ago? Dying to know what kind of hero Deku will morph into when the situation plunges into impenetrable darkness?

Whether you’re a hardcore otaku who knows everything you can about Titan anatomy or Netflix just hooked you on Castlevania, 2019 is going to be a year filled with addictive anime series. Some will finally be showing up for new seasons, while others will see some amazing manga realized in motion for the first time. Those demonic creatures in The Promised Neverland will be even more menacing when they seem to extend a grotesque claw toward you through the screen.

Consider this your ultimate guide to all the anime you need to watch, continue to watch, or backtrack through every past episode just so you can watch the new season when it does hit Crunchyroll or VRV or yes, Hulu and Netflix. Get the popcorn and Pocky ready.

01. Attack on Titan Season 3, Part 2

If the last season of Attack on Titan left you in painful suspense, strap on your vertical maneuvering gear and prepare to plunge headfirst into more battles, more Titans, and revelations over covert military and government systems. Creator Hajime Iseyama thought his own manga needed to pick up the pace and teased that the newest installment of the anime has done just that. Remember the enemy titans who emerged at the end of part one? More of them are going to stomp in. One of them will be a huge hairy giant with more brains than any member of its species.

If you’re dying to know as much about the outside world as Eren, you will get more than just a glimpse at just what is outside his contained existence on April 1. Not like the things that already lurk in there aren’t terrifying enough.

02. Boogiepop and Others

For anyone who watched Boogiepop Phantom in the early '00s and was left hanging when the anime didn’t continue the story from the manga, just know that help is on the way. Madhouse’s psychological horror anime Boogiepop and Others is the first light novel in the Boogiepop universe that's been brought to life and you can find it right now on Crunchyroll (it began airing January 4).

Something with a craving for teenage girls is hiding in the shadows of Shinyo Academy. This is the “Angel of Death” Boogiepop, a monstrous alien clone who kills these girls before they have a chance to become any less beautiful (as if that is even an issue at 16). At least that’s the urban legend students tell one another. Is this rumored beast really responsible, or something else?

Warning: This one will seriously mess with your head.

03. Castlevania Season 3

Sure, the Castlevania Season 3 trailer hasn’t been released yet, but that just gives you more time to catch up!

There’s a reason Castlevania secured a third season days after Season 2 premiered on Netflix: It's just that good. Based on the iconic fantasy-adventure video game first released in 1986, this might be one of the best game adaptations ever, with exceptional animation, spellbinding action, and those snide remarks from Alucard that you just can’t miss.

Now that Sypha has convinced Trevor Belmont to venture off and seek excitement and Alucard has retreated — brooding as usual — into what was his father’s castle (until a stake took care of that), we're left to wonder what could possibly come next. You just know that whatever Belmont ends up encountering, he’s going to find some sort of trouble. Sypha will probably find it exhilarating. As for Alucard, he can’t just hibernate forever in a coffin.

We’ll see what they get up to some time this June.

04. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba

What do you do when bloodsucking demons massacre your entire family and turned your sisters into a human-demon hybrid? You turn into a demon slayer on a mission to avenge your family and find out how to un-demonize someone, of course.

Koyoharu Gotōge’s manga about a boy who seeks to off every demon in his path will finally debut as an anime this April. Tanjirou Kamado must endure grueling training sessions to prove he’s worthy of becoming a Demon Slayer if he has any hope of restoring his sister to humanity. But things take a dark turn when the final phase of his test ends up being a fight against a demon that has killed more than a few of his predecessors. Will he be the one to finally take it down and be able to continue on his quest?

05. My Hero Academia Season 4

While diehard My Hero Academia fans are going to have to wait until October for Season 4, the wait will be worth it. Kohei Horikoshi’s manga has punched, soared, and blasted its way through three seasons of heroics that will only get more intense as the students of UA High face some very real dangers for which they may or may not be ready.

The end of Season 3 left so many questions in its wake. The greatest question probably has to do with unexpected hero Izuku Midorya, who stares out into the starry night with mentor All Might and ponders his future as the successor of the greatest hero of all time. That future might come crashing down sooner than he thinks.

06. Mob Psycho 100 Season 2

Shigeo Kageyama (nicknamed Mob) is an unpopular teenager with ESP, more interested in getting his crush’s attention than communing with spirits. Complicating things even further, he works for a fraud psychic while learning to control his legit powers. That isn’t the easiest thing when you’re a hormonal teen and your power surges are dependent on your emotions.

From ONE, the brains behind One-Punch Man, Season 2 of Mob Psycho 100 has just hit Crunchyroll and promises to be a trip. Mob still has much to learn when it comes to controlling powers and he’d better learn soon — because there are supernatural threats out there he needs to confront.

07. One-Punch Man Season 2

One-Punch Man took fans for a ride when the second season, originally set to premiere last year, was put off until this April.

So what kind of adrenaline rush should we expect from Season 2? Expect more mind-blowing heroics and villains even bigger and better than a monstrous Lovecraftian thing from the deep and a hulking gray alien. What is really going on within the Hero Association? Find out in April.

08. The Promised Neverland

Kaiu Shirai and Posuka Demizu’s dystopian manga The Promised Neverland is finally getting an anime adaptation that opens the gates to a sheltered world where children grow up oblivious to why their siblings are mysteriously shipped out by the age of 12. What happens when they see through the lies and plan a breakout? Get ready to see what lies beyond those walls on January 11.

09. Revisions

Netflix is an anime geek’s paradise for new releases this year — Castlevania and now this sci-fi series, which catapults five teens 300 years into the future via a phenomenon known as the Shibuya Drift. It lands them in a bleak future swarming with Revisions, monster robots ready to crush them, until a random girl with pink hair swoops in and saves them.

This is déjà vu for 17-year-old Diasuke Dojima, who was told as a child — by that same girl — that he would have to be the hero in the face of immense peril that came at him and his friends. Her name is Milo, and she survived the pandemic that obliterated most of humanity in her bleak world. She is resistant to the revision and protects any survivors of the blight. Will the accidental time-travelers survive? Binge-watch on January 10 to find out.