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Annabelle Comes Home cast tells us why the set may have been haunted


Do you think making the press rounds is hard? Try making a movie about a possessed doll and then giving interviews when said doll is right behind you ... and always watching.

SYFY WIRE was recently invited to speak to the young stars of Annabelle Comes Home: Mckenna Grace, Madison Iseman, and Katie Sarife. And while all three expressed an appreciation for the horror genre, there were some odd things on the set that they couldn't quite explain.

"We had some weird stories," said Iseman. "One time in particular, after we were filming a scene downstairs. At the end of the scene, we'd run up the stairs and go past the Warrens' bedroom. And every time we ran past the door, Annabelle was in a different position. There was not enough time for someone to go up there and move the doll. So ... we don't know how that happened. She would be in either the rocking chair, or sitting on the bed."

All three actresses also told us how they became horror fans, but Sarife had perhaps the most interesting tale about her early taste of the occult. Apparently her mother decided to try to scare her straight with a documentary, only for Sarife to eventually return to her original fascination with it.

We also had a chance to speak with Gary Dauberman, the co-writer and director of Annabelle Comes Home. From there, Dauberman explained how much of the film was purely invented and how much came from the account of the Warrens themselves.

For those details and more, check out the full video!