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Artists Alley: Tim Seeley sketches Valiant's Bloodshot


If you haven't heard of Valiant Comics' Bloodshot, that may change when Vin Diesel stars in the upcoming Bloodshot movie. But in the interim, Valiant is giving Bloodshot a big relaunch this fall with writer Tim Seeley and artist Brett Booth. While Seeley got his start as an artist for G.I. Joe and New Exiles, he's also made a name for himself as the writer of Hack/Slash, Nightwing, and the co-writer of Grayson, among others.

For the latest installment of SYFY WIRE's Artists Alley, Seeley put all of his skills on display by drawing Bloodshot while simultaneously hyping us up for the relaunch.

"Our approach to [Bloodshot] was let's make this as accessible as possible, so that even if you don't know a lot about Bloodshot, or if you just saw a rippin' Vin Diesel movie, you can just come into this ... and totally know what's going on," said Seeley.

Seeley likened Bloodshot to "a Frankenstein kind of character," in that he never asked to become someone's science experiment. Now, Bloodshot's nanomachines make it very difficult for him to die. According to Seeley, the upcoming Bloodshot Free Comic Book Day issue is the perfect primer for his ongoing series.

"I think it acts as sort of an entry point for any level of familiarity," noted Seeley. "It's big, cool character-based action scenes ... We're gonna tell you who this dude is and what he does. Then he fights a bunch of bad dudes. It's big epic action with this artist, Tomas Giorello. I just went crazy with it. It's like Mad Max in the snow mixed with Sin City."

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