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Black Friday for horror fans: The best deals on toys, games, movies, and more

By Loryn Stone
halloween black friday guide

Black Friday 2019 will take place on November 29, and this year, horror will be ours! Some might think that horror merch shopping is only for the days leading up to and just past Halloween. Well, the joke's on you, society — true horror fans celebrate scares every day of the year. And with SYFY WIRE on your side, you'll find the best deals on horror stuff before the Black Friday season hits.

And because most retailers haven't released their official Black Friday guides yet, we are going to have some fun speculating and predicting, and looking at the deals that have already come out such as:


Hot Topic Pennywise Apparel

We're going back to Hot Topic's website, because their November apparel sale has just gotten better. There's an awesome assortment of women's shirts scary enough to delight horror fans and their wallets! Select horror apparel is anywhere from $10-$20 off right now. They still have those awesome pieces of horror jewelry we discussed below still going for great, low prices. From a Losers Lovers jacket, to "I Love Derry" and more, Hot Topic is slashing prices faster than your arm getting chewed off by at least one set of Pennywise's teeth. 

Five Below Pennywise Hat

What's the only thing better than horror and apparel? That's right, discount horror apparel. Right now at Five Below, you can get this great pulldown Pennywise the Clown beanie from It for, what else, $5! In fact, you can wear this cool Pennywise beanie rolled up, or roll it down for an easy costume mask, as you can see through the eyes!

Hot Topic Freddy Vs. Jason Necklace

Are you and your bestie horror lovers? This Freddy vs. Jason best friend necklace set from Hot Topic would be perfect for you!

It includes a gold-tone Freddy glove necklace and a silver-tone Jason mask necklace. Never forget your friendship, even while asleep in a nightmare or at a summer camp.

The best part is that this horror necklace set only costs $10.90. And if Freddy vs. Jason isn't your bag (which doesn't quite make sense because it's one of the best movies ever), Hot Topic has a full collection of discount horror jewelry ready for you to decorate your spooky self with!

6 dollar shirts nosferatu_m-750x750

Take a deep breath in and repeat after me: $6. Shirts.

Oh my goodness, I am physically affected.

And guess what? There is an entire website dedicated to them that includes a very thorough horror collection. No, not every single shirt on the website costs $6, but the majority of them do. You can pick up the above Nosferatu shirt for $6, or check out the rest of the website's inventory and get your (possibly unlicensed) horror shirt on for an extremely affordable price.


Screenshot 2019-11-14 16.55.35

Want your horror with a side of milk? Hot Topic has you covered! Right now for only $5 as part of their November sale, you can get a box of Lydia from Beetlejuice FunkOs (yes, they're really edible) with a Funko Pop right along side it! Take advantage of this sale before it's gone, because these cereal boxes in and of themselves are collectible, let alone the Pop beside it!

Mezco Toyz Living Dead Dolls Bride of Valentine Pencil Sharpener

Cross your heart, hope to die, jam a pencil in your sharpener's eye... The Living Dead Dolls Pencil Sharpener Bride of Valentine from Series 3 is on sale right now from BigBadToyStore.

Down to $10 from its original $16, this very specific pencil sharpener features real hair and a terrifying facial expression. Stick a pencil in her right eye, turn to sharpen, then push the lever on the back of her head to move her tongue and watch her spit out all of your unwanted shavings.

Rubie's Candy Bowl Holder

Need more Pennywise the Clown in your household goods? Amazon has got you covered! On sale now for only $19.99 (down from its original $34.99) is an It candy dish holder that will stop all the kids from eating too much sugar.

While there are other horror-inspired candy dish holders in this series, all of them cost a very unattractive $50 or more! While Pennywise over here, or as I like to call him "Boyfriend, cute boyfriend," knows the value of discount shopping and is ready to come home and scare your guests!

Amazon Bloody Foot Rug

If you're ready for a bloody good time in the bathroom — and not in that opening scene of Carrie kind of way — then you need this horror-inspired bloody footprint bathmat, on sale over at Amazon right now. For the low, low (and sort of specific) price of only $4.93, you can reenact every "slashed in the shower" scene you've ever seen!


The Loyal Subjects Horror Dolls

For November, the good people over at BigBadToyStore are leading up to Black Friday in a big way. Right now, they are releasing specific toys on sale each week in November, and that includes all the horror toys in the room! For its Week 1 releases, BBTS showed off sales ranging from 30-40% off. Franchises like Child's Play, A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Conjuring, and more are available for your collecting needs. Check out the list of Week 1 toys for sale here, and Week 2 toys right here.

Funko Nightmate Before Christmas Reaction

Boys and girls of every age, wouldn't you like to see something... freakin' awesome?

While toymaker Funko is best known these days for its iconic Pops, the truth is that it also dabbles in the ReAction Figure line. And right now, BigBadToyStore is clearing out its entire stock of Funko ReAction Figures — and believe me friends, some of these are cheap.

I purchased the above Pumpkin Head Jack (a weakness of mine, I love him) for about $6.75. Other horror ReAction Figures on sale now in the $5-$7 range are more Nightmare Before Christmas characters and figures from Gremlins, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Alien!

Toynk LookSee Collectors Box

Horror gets a mad discount with this huge collectible gift box from Toynk Toys. This box of curiosities will delight all horror fans and sale-seekers, as it is down to $53 from its original $119. So, what's in the box? All sorts of mishegas! We've got items from Hellraiser, A Nightmare on Elm Street Flask, Friday the 13th, Jigsaw the crazy puppet, Psycho... and the list just keeps going!

Screenshot 2019-10-21 22.43.04

And last but not least on our list of discount horror toys is a beautiful Hot Topic exclusive Lydia the bride Funko plush from the end of Beetlejuice. Down to $10.47 from its original $35, Lydia is an excellent addition to your Beetlejuice and horror toy collection! Plus, I like that she sort of looks like cartoon Lydia. Plus-plus the Beetlejuice cartoon was flippin' awesome.


Scary Stories Blu Ray

Just in time for their enormous Black Friday sale, Best Buy is offering savings on just about every horror movie in stock. You can snag movies on DVD or Blu-Ray (or them combo packs because it's the future) and get $2-$5 off of everything. 


Need a video game bundle that will scare the pants off of you? Then look no further! Right now for only $249, GameStop is offering a Horror Blast From the Past System Bundle. This includes a refurbished PlayStation 4 and four-game bundle pack that will keep you quivering almost as hard as when you downloaded P.T. and attempted to play it alone.

Which was a terrible idea, by the way.

Walmart 200 Classic Horror Movies

And what's better than one really good horror movie? 200 horror movies of questionable quality.

Now available from Walmart for only $24.99 is a pack of 200 horror movies, all very likely in the public domain or completely lost to the sands of time. Prepare to meet the most terrifying creatures and madmen of midnight in this 50 DVD collection, packed with stranger than fiction scream scenes. From cinematic greats to genuine obscurities, this definitive collection contains a universe of horror that is sure to leave your old-school ghoul appetite completely satisfied. Resurrect your taste for terror and prepare for horror happiness as you witness the surreal underbelly of classic horror cinema.

Doing some math here, that's 0.04 cents per movie. How's that for discounts?!

Viz Media Junji Ito Uzumaki

If you prefer your horror in book form, then you've got to check out the Junji Ito graphic novels on sale now over at Barnes & Noble. Some of the books by the master of horror manga are on sale now for nearly $10 off the MSRP, and seriously, the stories and imagery are so disturbing that you'll forget that Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark laid spider eggs in your childhood cheek.

Two words: Neck Spector. Yeah... if you know, you know.