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SYFY WIRE Bad Astronomy

Black Holes Make Me Drool

By Phil Plait

Nobody’s perfect. Some people come closer than others, but that’s usually because of good editing. In my case, I have proof: Here’s the fourth Crash Course Astronomy blooper reel, showing that we don’t just bang these episodes out. We have to edit them a lot.

Ironically, even these outtakes are edited; not all of them are funny. My editor Nicole Sweeney, only picks the ones that a) make her laugh, and 2) make me look like a dork. Her job is way too easy.

Can’t get enough of this sort of thing? Then watch the first, second, and third blooper reels, too. And all the currently aired episodes of Crash Course Astronomy are available in one easy-to-binge list. Ten straight hours of astronomy!

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