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Targaryens beware! Boy finds four 'blue dragons' on Texan beach

By Jacob Oller
Blue Dragon sea slug Getty

A 7-year-old boy found four real-life blue dragons in a single day. Game of Thrones' Daenerys Targaryen had, what, three dragons? And they didn't exactly fare too well. This new Father of Dragons discovered his draconic posse on the Texan shores of Padre Island, where the rare sea slugs (oh, yeah, a "blue dragon" is a type of nudibranch, which is itself a fancy scientific name for a sea slug) washed up.

Hunter Lane found a quartet of the creatures on vacation, according to the official Padre Island National Seashore Facebook page, back on May 2 — and they certainly look majestic enough to retain the moniker:

Glaucus atlanticus may be tiny ("generally only 3 cm," according to the post), but their coloration and sharp-looking wing-like appendages still scream "Dragon!" Yu-Gi-Oh!'s Blue-Eyes White Dragon, to be specific:

Yu-gi-oh blue eyes white dragon


These blue dragons may dwell in the ocean rather than soar through the sky, but they're still as vicious as their fantastical counterparts. The predators chow down on some of the most infamous jellyfish: the Portuguese man-of-war. If eating those stinging nuisances wasn't enough, after they devour them, the dragons move the stingers onto their "wings" — not only eating the jellyfish but stealing their best weapon! Powerful allies for a 7-year-old to have.

While these creatures are normally rare, they've been appearing more and more lately, according to CNN. Perhaps dragon magnet Lane will turn this power into the leading role in a fantasy novel, where having a dragon up on Khaleesi will hopefully work to his advantage.