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Boston Dynamics says goodbye to 2020 with a celebratory robot dance-off video

By Jeff Spry

If ever there was a year suitable for dancing to its ultimate demise, it would be the year 2020. So it's with great fanfare and a whirr of servomotors and hydraulics that we share with you Boston Dynamics' amusing new video spotlighting its entire roster of advanced robots shaking their groove thing to the rhythms of The Contours' "Do You Love Me?"

The techno-wizards at Boston Dynamics have been creating some remarkable machines over the last decade and watching these four robots gracefully synchronized to the music demonstrates how quickly the entire field is evolving. These five models represent the current line-up of Boston Dynamics' finest offerings, including both prototype 'bots like Atlas and Handle, and Spot, the sole model available commercially with a pricetag of $75,000.

Cue the music and check out the joyful robotic revue ringing out the old year!

These agile robots have dance moves that would shame most puny humans and it's nearly impossible not to smile while watching their choreographed celebration. Hard to believe that it was just two short years ago when the company showcased a fun video starring their robot dog Spot gyrating to "Uptown Funk."

The fluid range of movements witnessed here in this Happy New Year party is a testament to the amazing work going on at Boston Dynamics and makes us thrilled to think what future wonders they have in store.

This is also the first instance of a pair of tetherless Atlas robots teaming up for a task, with the humanoid machines showing off their enviable precision steps. Seeing Spot tiptoe around the dance floor with Handle, the industrial warehouse model aimed at box-stacking and product loading, is the perfect gift to a world much in need of a little lift to its weary spirit.

What a wonderful way to kick 2020 to the curb and usher in a fresh new year! Cue the robot dance-off for the fate of 2021!