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Lying Cat must never die! Brian K. Vaughan on what's next for Saga

By Mike Avila

After finding comics success with Runaways, Y: The Last Man, and Ex Machina, the bright lights of Hollywood lured Brian K. Vaughan away for film and television projects. But in 2012, Vaughn returned to the medium with a new creator-owned Image Comics series, Saga, alongside his artist and collaborator, Fiona Staples. Saga quickly became a fan favorite sci-fi/fantasy, thanks in part to its rich and diverse universe.

While readers have come to love the cast of characters, Vaughn himself has identified Lying Cat as the book’s breakout star. This large hairless cat has the ability to tell if anyone is truthful or not, and she responds with the only word that she can speak to anyone who fails the test: “Lying.” 

“I have to say that I never imagined that Lying Cat would take on this life of her own,” Vaughan tells SYFY WIRE in our latest Behind the Panel interview. “It is just a testament to Fiona Staples ... Her design is so beautiful, and just her expression every time she says 'lying' is just slightly different and perfect for that scene. It wasn’t until I saw Fiona’s drawing that I was like, ‘Oh, this dumb cat is gonna be the breakout character of this book.’”

Additionally, Vaughan noted that Staples has become very protective of the knowing feline. That may also help Lying Cat survive much longer in the series. Vaughan illustrated his point by sharing Staples’ reaction to the cliffhanger in Saga #10, when Lying Cat’s life was in jeopardy.

“I sent Fiona that script, and she was like ‘Nope,’” Vaughan says. “‘Not gonna draw this ... I’ll put a little space suit on this kitty and she’ll be safe out there ... But I’ll quit the book before we do anything terrible to this character.’ So I think Lying Cat is gonna be around for the long haul ... Maybe.”

Vaughan also told us that Saga will indeed come back from the current hiatus, but it doesn’t have a return date yet.

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