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SYFY WIRE Bad Astronomy

“But I Play One On TV”: Dragon Con Panel with Adam Savage

By Phil Plait

Dragon Con is a huge nerdapalooza, with tens of thousands of people descending on Atlanta at the end of August every year to celebrate geekery. I always have a really good time, and each year in some way is better than the last.

One of the highlights (among many) was a panel I did with My Close Personal Friend Adam Savage⢠from âMythbustersâ, moderated by another friend, Veronica Belmont. The panel was called âBut I Play One on TVâ, and was loosely-themed about science on TV. We talk Mythbusters, ghost hunting, astronomy, the Moon Hoax, politics, Neil Tyson, and Adam/Jamie slashfic. Yes, you heard me.

The panel was recorded by the folks at Hereâs the video:

[Incidentally, this gets a little sweary. Consider it NSFW.]

I love doing panels; I get a chance to just tell stories, make jokes, and sit with and listen to really cool and smart people do the same. Adam is the real thing, and so is Veronica. They both are at the top of their game: professional, funny, charming, and honestly good folks.

I do have a mea culpa: At about 23:30 I refer to Rep. Paul Broun (R-Ga.)âremember him, the guy who said evolution and the Big Bang are âlies straight from the pit of Hellâ?âas âSenatorâ. I just canât wait until we can put âformerâ in front of whatever title he has.

At one point in the panel (41:30) you can see me taking a photo with my phone. Because why not, here you go:

I think that pretty much sums up the whole experience. Thanks to Adam and especially to Veronica, who did a great job prepping for the panel. Also thanks to Ken Plume, too, for suggesting Adam and I do a panel together in the first place. Now, to figure out how to top this next yearâ¦

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