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Chosen One of the Day: 2-D on roller skates in 'Humility'

By Preeti Chhibber
2D Gorillaz Humility hero

I don’t know if this needs a spoiler alert, but 2020 is not what you would call a chill year. So let’s slip into just the ever so slightly (by virtue of not having a global pandemic) chiller year of 2018 when the Gorillaz released the video for “Humility” and we were treated to a low-stakes, bopping your head kind of tune. 

But even better? We were treated to 2-D, the band’s animated lead singer, in teeny, tiny summer sugar shorts sailing along on some roller skates.

...I’m — alright, friends. I’m really listening to the lyrics right now and this is a g*dd*mned 2020 song wrapped in the sweet, smooth blanket of summer of 2018 vibes. 

Calling the world from isolation
'Cause right now, that's the ball where we be chained

Damon Albarn’s lucky I think he’s so great. 

But anyway let’s put all that aside and focus on 2-D and his moves: 

2D Gorillaz Humility
2D Gorillaz Humility 2

Look at those moves! That shoulder roll. That hip check across the screen. I am in awe of this animated man. (Yes, also, Jack Black, throw your hands up for Jack Black.) 

Of course, it wouldn’t be 2-D if everything was smooth sailing, so he ends with a Russell-orchestrated tumble to the ground and that might be the most representative part of the video. Let’s be real. 

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