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SYFY WIRE Chosen One of The Day

Chosen One of the Day: This poledancing Thanos toy

By Stephanie Williams

The Neca Avengers Infinity War Scalers are intended to be cute miniatures of Marvel characters to hold your cords in place. However, due to the packaging, they look more like they need a pep talk from Diana “Diamond” Armstrong to remind them “Make the infinity gems; don’t let the infinity gems make you.” That's right: Thanos and the crew are showcasing their best pole moves for an all-Marvel male revue.


Let’s pretend the snapture never happened, and instead the battle for the infinity gems was one of who (of the legal age of course) could best work the pole. Not only would this had been more entertaining, it could have been a good time for everyone.


Perhaps the best (or worst) thing about this line of scalers is imagining Thanos gracefully working it. We all know his core is strongest, plus an oiled-up purple body probably looks really good under the right lighting. Although a Magic Mike-like duo performance from Bucky and Captain America could really tip the scales, especially if Thor got in on the action and got his aim right. Either way, these mini figurines are the chaotic goodness we need to ease whatever pain Avengers: Endgame might bring.