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Recap: Heads Roll & Chucky Gets Creative with the American Flag in Season 3, Episode 2

Chucky's painting the White House red, and the government is covering up his murders for him. 

By James Grebey
Chucky strangles someone with an American flag in Chucky 302 -- “Let the Right One In”

After two episodes of Chucky Season 3, we still don’t know how the titular killer doll got himself into the White House. Episode 2, “Let the Right One In,” focuses on how Chucky’s mortal enemies — our heroic trio of Jake (Zackary Arthur), Devon (Bjorgvin Arnarson), and Lexy (Alyvia Alyn Lind) — will get themselves into the White House in order to try to kill Chucky … again. 

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Lexy figures that the president’s older son, Grant (Jackson Kelly), is their best shot at getting into the White House. She’ll reach out on social media and attempt to make a connection with him over the mutual loss of a sibling that she and Grant share. And, also, she’ll be hot because he’s a teenage boy and she’s got a pretty good thotty act on TikTok. “Killer dolls are hard. F---boys are easy,” she tells the guys. 

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Meanwhile, at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, young Henry (Callum Vinson) is sleeping in big brother Grant’s bed because his room is still a crime scene after secret service agent Teddy “shot himself” there in the premiere episode. Grant tries to offer some brotherly support and advice about grief, telling Henry that he’ll always have good memories of Teddy and their deceased brother Joseph. Disturbingly, Henry claims that he doesn’t miss Joseph because “Joseph is here,” showing just how far Chucky has slithered into Henry’s life. 

The next morning at breakfast, Henry says that “Joseph” doesn’t want to go to school and would rather check out the Oval Office again. (Also, “Joseph doesn’t like f---ing pancakes.") President James Collins (Devon Sawa) and first lady Charlotte Collins (Lara Jean Chorostecki) agree to let the doll go to work with daddy one more time, but they have a bigger concern. Together with the vice president, the pair meet with a shadowy government agent named Price, who tells them that he’s investigating Teddy’s death because it’s “suspicious.” Also suspicious is the fact that the president’s letter opener, which was “a gift from Barack,” is missing. Chucky swiped it last episode, but for now, the president doesn’t seem too concerned. 

A boy holds Chucky in Chucky 302 -- “Let the Right One In”

However, he ought to have tried a little harder to find out where the letter opener was — and where Henry’s doll got off to. While Price is off investigating in Henry’s room and finding little Chucky-sized footprints in the closet, the president’s secretary, Samantha (Steffi Didomenicantonio), walks into the seemingly empty Oval Office. She picks up the doll from the floor, only for Chucky to spring to life and slice her throat, all but decapitating her. Damn! That’s a good letter opener! 

“Two down, four to go, but who is f---ing counting,” Chucky says — though exactly why he needs to kill six people is a mystery for now.    

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Price finds Samantha’s body in the Oval Office and immediately summons Charlotte to help him secretly dispose of it. They’re going to cover up this murder for the sake of his administration. The next morning, Charlotte tells her husband that Samantha checked herself into rehab. 

(l-r) Lexy Cross (Alyvia Alyn Lind) and Grant Collins (Jackson Kelly) sip on drinks and smile for a selfie in Chucky 302 -- “Let the Right One In”

Jake, Devon, and Lexy, meanwhile, are making progress on their efforts to gain access to the White House. Grant gets Lexy’s message and invites them to meet at a coffee shop in D.C. Miss Fairchild (Annie Briggs), who won’t let her wards fight Chucky alone, goes with them to the nation’s capital and drops the trio off. Grant sucks — he’s vain and pushy and gives Jake and Devon grief for not following him on social media — but he says he’ll do what he can to help find Lexy’s sister. And, more importantly, he invites them to the White House’s Halloween Party — though Charlotte has misgivings. 

Grant accuses his mom of not wanting his new friends — whom he says he relates to because everybody he goes to school with has never experienced real trauma like he or the three orphans have — to go to the White House for optics reasons. Charlotte begrudgingly agrees to meet with their guardian. So, after interrupting Jake and Devon just before they’re about to have sex (man, will these two ever get a moment to themselves?), Miss Fairchild heads to the White House to meet with the first lady. Jake, Devon, and Lexy set about making Halloween costumes that will let them smuggle Chucky-killing weapons into the White House. 

(l-r) Charlotte Collins (Lara Jean Chorostecki) and Miss Fairchild (Annie Briggs) speak on a striped couch in Chucky 302 -- “Let the Right One In”

Miss Fairchild’s meeting with the first lady goes well at first, as Charlotte agrees to let the three teens attend the Halloween party. Things take a turn after Price summons Charlotte away, though. He tells her that an analysis showed that it was very unlikely that Teddy held the gun at the angle from which it was fired, meaning that it probably wasn’t a suicide. There’s a killer on the loose in the White House, a fear that’s confirmed moments later when Chucky smothers Miss Fairchild to death with an American flag.

“I just couldn’t resist making those kids orphans one more time,” he says, noting that he’s now only got three deaths to go. 

Chucky phones Charlotte, taunting her and Price by saying that he’s left a fresh body for them because they “like cleaning up after [him].” Price explains that he’ll continue to cover up any evidence of killings because he’s vehemently opposed to the president’s pro-transparency position and won’t allow the exposure of government secrets. He even blackmails Charlotte with evidence of an affair to make sure she stays in line. 

Jake Wheeler (Zachary Arthur) (center) holds a phone up as Devon Evans (Bjorgvin Arnarson) (L) and Lexy Cross (Alyvia Alyn Lind) (R) watch in Chucky 302 -- “Let the Right One In”

Chucky ends the episode by making another call, this time a FaceTime with Jake, Devon, and Lexy from the late Miss Fairchild’s phone where he taunts them about the murder. He’s waiting for them at what promises to be a very bloody Halloween party. 

Will Season 3’s Halloween episode top Chucky’s previous ones? Why does Chucky need to kill six people? And how did he get into the White House? We’ll have to keep watching to find out. 

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