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SYFY WIRE Bad Astronomy

Colbert on Climate

By Phil Plait

My love for Stephen Colbert increased by another huge jump today when I saw this clip of him talking about what the Republican win of the Senate means for science.*

Every time I hear Sen. James Inhofe, R-Oklahoma, talk about climate change being a hoax I wonder where the line is between blindingly ideological denial and crackpottery … and which side his head is buried in.

And he’s a favorite to be the chairman of the Environment and Public Works Committee.

My Slate colleague Eric Holthaus sees some hope in the future about the way climate was treated in this election. As for me, well, not so much. But at least this means we can count on a lot more funny clips from Colbert over the next few months distracting us from the sound of the science being dismantled on Capitol Hill.

Correction, Nov. 10, 2014: Arg! I originally implied that the Colbert Report would go on forever, not knowing that the show ends at the end of 2014. Colbert will be replacing a retiring David Letterman. Still, we'll always have John Oliver.

*He now melts my heart at roughly the equivalent rate of global ice currently melting into the oceans.

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