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SYFY WIRE Bad Astronomy

Con and Prometheus

By Phil Plait

So a week or so ago I went to the movies and watched Prometheus. While I didn't hate it unequivocally as a lot of people seem to, I didn't love it without reservations either. On the Alien sliding scale, it was better than being attacked by a face hugger, but worse than listening to Hudson complaining about being a space marine.

I think there were some really good things about the movie, including many of the over-arching themes, but the problem wound up being in the details. And by "details" I mean "science", for the most part. At some point though, the details are the plot, especially when the movie revolves around those points.

So I wrote up some thoughts and sent them over to the good folks at Blastr, who added some pictures from the movie and let me rant. After my first draft, I edited it, and then again, and it was still 1300 words -- it's hard to do a good/bad analysis of plot points without racking up quadruple-digit essays, so I left a lot of stuff out that I thought was cool, as well as stuff that -- haha -- bugged me. Think of the article as an analytical sampling of the movie science.

Of course, there are spoilers flying as furiously as pressurized acidic blood there, so if you haven't seen the movie, you might not want to read it. And if you have, feel free to leave comments there! The discussions I'm reading about the movie are actually pretty interesting, so I'm curious to know what everyone thought.

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