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SYFY WIRE Bad Astronomy

Conan and I Share a Little Oxygen Dihydride

By Phil Plait

Via Twitter on Tuesday, I found out I was on another late night talk show and I didn’t even know it!

This is actually pretty funny and doesn’t need any setup:

I’ll admit I cringed when I heard Conan make the joke, but not as much as I cringed at the last line by  Dean (the chemistry guy). Ouch.

Still, nicely retorted, Conan. And, "greatest scientists in the world"? I blush.

And I had to laugh; seeing my friends David Grinspoon, Michelle Thaller, Dan Durda, Neil Tyson, Bill Nye, and Alex Filippenko in there was pretty cool. Looks like they raided footage from How the Universe Works and Outrageous Acts of Science. Too bad they couldn’t get Hakeem Oluseyi in there, too!

And Conan, Andy: If you see this, contact me. I have a wee bit of experience doing late night … and I can play harmonica, too.

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