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SYFY WIRE Bad Astronomy

Crash Course Astronomy: In Which I Mispronounce Things

By Phil Plait

Last week, we put up Episode 30 of Crash Course Astronomy, and after every [episode modulo 10 = 0] episodes we post a blooper reel, outtakes from the last few episodes we’ve recorded.

So here you go, Outtakes No. 3, which is mostly me mispronouncing things and making faces.

I swear we should mic up my director Nick and editor Nicole for these.

You can watch the first and second outtake reels, too, and don’t forget that we have a playlist for all the (actual) episodes aired already. We still have a bunch more coming.

And hey: At the end of the video above we make an announcement: We have a Crash Course Astronomy poster for sale! It was created by our animators, Thought Café, and I helped write and edit the captions for the drawings. It’s pretty cool. At 46 x 61 centimeters (fine, 18 x 24 inches for you imperial unit folks), it’ll look handsome and lovely on your wall, door, inside car windshield*, meat drawer, and/or observatory dome.

*Don’t actually put it there.

Not a euphemism.

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