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SYFY WIRE Bad Astronomy

Crash Course Astronomy: Nebulae

By Phil Plait

It’s kinda weird to think that out in space there are gigantic clouds of gas and dust, hundreds of trillions of kilometers across, but as tenuous as laboratory vacuums.

But it’s also kinda awe-inspiring. And pretty. And amazing. And the topic of this week’s Crash Course Astronomy.

If you want to learn more (and yes, you really do) I’ve written about nebulae so many times that I’m not even sure how many posts there are about them here. Hundreds? Probably. You can search on them (switch to “Images” view to pick ones that look interesting), or read a few selected posts here:

Supernova Ozymandias
An Ionized Flower Blooms in Space
Orion’s Other Nebula (trust me, CLICK THIS)
Cold Fire Threads Orion’s Belt
(this was featured in the Crash Course video)
The Horsehead and the Flame

Another Stunning Hubble Photo of a Vast Cloud of Gas and Dust
Angry Nebula is Really REALLY Angry
Happy Cosmic Valentine’s Day!

P.S. We have a playlist with every Crash Course Astronomy episode that's aired, so you can watch them all!

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