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SYFY WIRE Bad Astronomy

Crash Course Astronomy Outtakes

By Phil Plait

When you watch an episode of Crash Course Astronomy, you no doubt marvel at how clearly cut, professional, and perfect it is. The thing is, what you don’t see are the 18 bazillion times I stumble on a word, say things out of order, realize the grammar is wrong, and so on.

Happily, or embarrassingly, we get a lot of that stuff on camera. A Crash Course tradition is to gather those outtakes every 10 episodes and create a blooper reel. My editor, Nicole Sweeney, was maybe a little too gleeful to do this. But she did, so here you go: the Crash Course Astronomy outtakes from our first 10 episodes.

A lot of folks were asking what I’m doing with my left hand at the end of many of the takes. I’m scrolling through the teleprompter control, resetting it to start again with the line we’re recording. These lines are hard enough to say without a teleprompter!

And oh my word how much do I love Thought Café's title graphic for this episode? If you don't get it, this may help. Next week we’ll start up once again with our regular episodes. Until then, I will endeavor to continue to screw up my lines.

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